The Podcast: 7th Annual Vegan Helliday Special

by angryhippie

7th Annual Vegan Helliday Special : Winter of Malcontents!

Rob is ringing in the helliday season with an all new Helliday Special focusing on expanding people’s understanding of veganism and how it is much more than a diet, which will simultaneously hopefully help us convey to family and friends that gift-giving to vegans means making the same purchasing considerations we would. We also talk about the consumerism that is still poisoning the hellidays and lengthening the time consumers have to play into the corporate sponsored madness of the season, while we also take on the violence and aggression the supposed war on Christmas has spawned this season. Featuring the new poem, Grandma got suckerpunched by a Christian.

The 7th Annual Vegan Helliday Special