The Podcast: 5th Annual Vegan Helliday Special

by angryhippie

5th Annual Vegan Helliday Special : Vegan Lifestyle Edition

Rants about being vegan and living compassionately in an exploitative capitalistic society, epitomized by the corporate mandated celebration that is Valentine’s Day. Also, Rob takes the opportunity to discuss what being vegan means to him, and how the day to day living vegan goes. With looks at the privileges that we share which allow for such a lifestyle, Rob takes on being vegan on a budget and the realities of living in non-vegan systemic societal constructs and what that sometimes means in terms of compromise. While also discussing the exploitation that so many overlook within all forms of industry, Rob talks about the connections of these exploitation driven industries and how fighting against one should mean fighting against them all. Also, with the Valentine helliday upon us, Rob looks at being vegan this time of year, and how we should really show our love for one another, despite what advertisers tell us love means.

The 5th Annual Vegan Helliday Special

Stuff Mentioned in the Show

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

Nature’s Gate – We use their shampoo and toothpaste…deodorant could be better

Jason’s Natural Personal Care Products

Seventh Generation Green Cleaning Products