The Podcast: 4th Annual Vegan Helliday Special

by angryhippie

4th Annual Vegan Helliday Special : Helliday Travel Edition!

Rants about being vegan at Thanksgiving, non-christian at Christmas, the trips and all the crap involved with them. From the guilt trips from family to the trips to see family that cause you to have to deal with the TSA and the climate change contributed calamitous weather, no one is making things fun in terms of trippage….including a special voicemail from Jim’s Dad ;) .

The 4th Annual Vegan Helliday Special

Links Promised in the Show

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Woman Suing Federal Government over TSA Treatment

Body Scans Not So Secure or Safe

Travelers Feel Safer After Watching Rape Survivor Dragged Across Airport After Refusing Pat-Down Assault

Loaded Gun Gets Passed TSA and On Board Plane

How Low Can PETA Go? Pretty Low…