The Merch

To help commemorate this, the fifth year of the podcast, we put together a special t-shirt design and ordered a limited run of tees for any fans of the show who would like to have a bit of a podcast keepsake. The shirts are a military green base with a lighter green stamp insignia, and are now available. Below is a preview and breakdown of the design.

The Tees

The insignia is modeled after an old military top secret stamp, leaning a little to the left (just like the show). Much like the tattoo I got to mark the fifth year of the show being ‘on the air’, there are five rings in the t-shirt insignia to make to help make up the design. One for each year of the life of the show.

The peace sign with an inner laid yin-yang is a symbol that I once had as a necklace pendant for over 15 years. The pendant was very meaningful to me, and symbolized striking a balance within to achieve inner peace. When I lost it, I got that symbol tattooed on my forearm, so as to never lose it again. It’s inclusion in the tee insignia was almost instinctual.

Given the focus on balancing the scales of justice and the push for equality the show strives to make it’s mission, the scales being added into the design was a piece that the design would’ve felt lacking without. Also, with the motto of coming to you live ‘from the front lines of the culture war’ the military camo-greens were a natural fit, one that was almost overlooked had it not been for Persephone.

The tees are 100% cotton, sourced to ensure no slave labor or other cruel practices went into to producing these tees.

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