The Abortion Gang – Rob Goes Gangsta

by angryhippie

That’s right, y’all, I have joined a gang. And as far as gang initiation’s go, I have to say this one was a breeze! Recently a blog began in support of Dr. Tiller, the man and his mission, the one he left behind after being so tragically and untimely taken from this planet because of the hate for his work. But Dr. Tiller lives on in the blogosphere and in the hearts and minds of those who continue where the good Dr. was forced to leave off.

The blog, affectionately called the Abortion Gang, has launched onto the Pro-Choice scene with a powerful voice ready to open the dialog and discuss the truth about Choice, and the fight to take it away. And I am proud to throw my hat into the ring and join this important social conversation as the site gets underway! We were asked when joining to pen a post about why we are Pro-Choice and my post went up today.

As mentioned on the podcast, the Pro-Choice movement seems to be lacking in male support, so it is more important than ever for Pro-Choice men add their voices to the ranks to try and balance out the misogynistically driven males belligerently arguing against Choice! Below is an excerpt from my post about Why I am Pro-Choice, and if you want to read the full thing simply follow the link.

From Why I am Pro-Choice by Rob Bowen
…the main reason that I am pro-choice, and the reason that everyone should be, is because NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE (hence the overly emphatic all caps typing), has the right to control any woman’s reproductive choices other than the woman herself.