Technology Failure!

by angryhippie

I know it has been a bit since I last checked in, but things have been hectic, to say the least. But I am here now to promise more to come soon…and to rant for a second. What the fuck, Technology?!

This rant comes to you fresh from a two day technology failure born frustration that claimed the life of what was to be the latest episode of Ask Science Dude. About two days ago, Sinead and I got our schedules, and chakras, all aligned and in order to record the latest edition of the show. We had an amazing topic, an awesome rapport and back and forth going. For over an hour we chatted and got all Science Dude-ish. The episode was brilliant. Sinead, as always, was on point, and I was actually insightful and stuff, too. Then it happened…

Fifty five minutes in to the recording, we were winding down and wrapping it up when my MacBook overheated and shut the fuck down without warning!! And just like that, the episode was lost to the aether of the binary boneyards. Gone. All of it. FUCK!!!!

What the fuck, Mac?! Seriously? You can’t test out the performance of your heat syncs and shit before you mass produce your overpriced equipment and pawn them off on the public? This shit should not be that difficult. You have done so much to get your product assembled and functioning symbiotically, but just like the Xbox’s tendencies to red ring after similar overheating issues render the gaming systems into little more than an intricately designed paperweight, you have failed to have enough foresight to properly test this one common problem area. Dammit, people!!

I know we live in a highly disposable society, but this technological shortsightedness is getting ridiculous! Perhaps it is time we started expecting more from the companies that demand so much capital for their crap. I get it. If I pay ten bucks for some little tech gizmo, I don’t expect it to be with me for the rest of my days. But, if I pay hundreds, or worse, thousands, is it too much to expect for at least two hours worth of moderate to heavy use without interruptive malfunctions? I think not!

No worries about the episode, though it will never be exactly the same, Sinead and I will be re-attempting this topic in the coming week, and I will get that out to you all as soon as I am technologically able to do so. Also, another Angry Hippies’ Podcast is nigh. Thanks for the patience, and all the love!!

…oh, and fuck you, too, Skype! I did nothing to you, and still the next morning when Sinead and I planned to give the show a second try, you wouldn’t even hold a connection for a full minute on my end! Why?!? Now that I have reloaded you on my system, Skype, you’d better step up on Wed and bring the connectivity mother fucker, or it’s on! Damn, technology!