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The Podcast : Episode 48

Episode 48 – Current Events, Assassins for the Status Quo! In this new more compact episode, Persephone and I take some time to address some issues and stories that were sent to us by some listeners via e-mail and voicemail covering things like veganism, sexist double standards, 1080 poison in Australia, controlled killing, rape-aXe condoms, […]

The Podcast : Episode 44

Episode 44 – Current Events, Police Gone Wild, Military Misspending. In this episode, Persephone and I discuss Human Rights violations of Hurricane Katrina victims still, a moment of silence for Poland, Huckabee’s insulting statements about homosexuality, FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act, regulating small farms out of business, Nebraska’s Anti-Choice nonsense, OK’s attack on choice […]

The Podcast : Episode 43

Episode 43 – Current Events, America at War, Predatory Religion. In this episode, Persephone and I discuss vegan divide, vegan male feminists, an unnecessary cesarean section, the midwife double standard, Arizona profiling, Bristol Palin’s hypocrisy and privilege, health care caring for sex offenders, anti-abortion advocacy on the rise, Constance McMillen, too gay for prom, America […]

The Rhetoric's Repeating!

So national intelligence reports came in stating that Iran was no longer the nuclear threat that the Bush Administration has been insisting that they are. Saying that Iran had disabled it’s nuclear program in 2003. But did Dubya listen to those “intelligence” reports? Hell, no. And why should he? A man who has no intelligence, […]

The Podcast : Episode 3

Episode 3 : Post 9/11 Patriotism, Religion, Support the Troops. You can listen via the player to your right or download this episode.

The Podcast : Episode 2

Episode 2 : War: Iraq, Terror, Drugs. You can listen via the player to your right or download this episode.