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The Podcast : Episode 85 – Male Aggression

Episode 85 – Male Aggression In this episode, Rob discusses a story sent in via Species Barrier Podcast host Ruth that deals with the unending economic growth we pursue without conscience or understanding the truth of its unsustainable nature. Then the show focuses somewhat strictly on male aggression and male acts of violence, especially those […]

The Podcast : Episode 47

Episode 47 – Current Events, Who Needs Consent? In this new more compact episode, Persephone and I discuss a few comments and messages we received after the last show talking about a Judge who stopped Alaskan offshore drilling, opposing oil companies, Christian thoughts on intersexed individuals, Bill HR5741 and forced service by our government before […]

The Podcast : Episode 44

Episode 44 – Current Events, Police Gone Wild, Military Misspending. In this episode, Persephone and I discuss Human Rights violations of Hurricane Katrina victims still, a moment of silence for Poland, Huckabee’s insulting statements about homosexuality, FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act, regulating small farms out of business, Nebraska’s Anti-Choice nonsense, OK’s attack on choice […]

Sound the alarm!

I read a blog post just today from the Huffington Post, and became enraged and disgusted simultaneously. The post was made by Bob Harris, and it was concerning the crisis-level assault on women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With the Second Congo War raging away, and claiming around 1000 lives a day, this […]