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The Podcast : Episode 89 – Anniversary Farewell

Episode 89 – Anniversary Farewell In this anniversary farewell episode, Rob discusses the end of the podcast and the road ahead. Episode 89 Link from the Show Tumblr post I shared on the episode

The Podcast : Episode 88 – The Tyranny of Terror

Episode 88 – The Tyranny of Terror In brand new episode of the podcast, Rob takes a look at two recent terrorist events, before dissecting our response in the US to terrorist attacks or threats. First off, the discussion goes over the recent NAACP bombing in Colorado Springs and the lack of a committed media […]

The Podcast : Episode 77 – Privilege Pt. 1 – Deconstructing Disability

Episode 77 – Privilege Pt. 1 – Deconstructing Disability In this all new episode, Rob shares a couple of stirring and enlightening excerpts from two powerful essays discussing the construction of disability in our culture, the history of abuse and mistreatment of people who are not societally enabled, the religious and faux scientific reinforcement of […]

The Introspective Retrospective 2

The Introspective Retrospective 2 An episode that takes a look back over the life of the podcast and its future. As the angry hippie himself has gone through something of a tumultuous and transformative year, the podcast too is undergoing a transformation. Check out this episode for some insights into the next evolution of the […]

Minicast 8 – America: Armed & Dangerous

Minicast 8 – America: Armed & Dangerous! In this long awaited return to the show, Rob comes out swinging with a minicast dedicated to America’s addiction to guns, and the dangerous future we are spiraling out of control towards. With talk of gun control and mental illness, the NRA, LaPierre’s excerpts from the National Rifle […]

The Podcast : Episode 74

Episode 74 – Current Events, the Racist Right! In this all new episode Rob dives into some feedback from a few listeners which takes the discussion down a couple of avenues dealing with veganism, high cost of beef, food prices in general, supply and demand, exploitation, genetic discrimination, GINA, and a predisposition to illness costing […]

The Podcast : Episode 73

Episode 73 – Current Events, Teaching Stereotypes! In this all new episode Rob discusses Chicago’s new marijuana decriminalization laws as submitted by Thor before he thanks everyone for the kind words and well wishes during the Waldo Canyon Fire and our evacuation here in Manitou Springs. Rob then launches into the headlines and covers current […]

The Podcast : Episode 72

Episode 72 – Current Events, The People’s Puppetmasters! In this all new episode Rob talks about some issues that listeners have raised in their messages, including Jane Sbrovoda’s mental illness, state of care provided to those with mental illness, ethical classrooms, globalization, impacts of unethical industries, exploitation, Inditex, we can change the world, fleshly actions […]

The Podcast : Episode 65

Episode 65 – Current Events, GOP Theocracy! In this brand new episode of the podcast, Rob goes over a little bit of feedback that he received since the last which takes the show through Kansas Speaker’s Bible verse for Obama’s assassination, Christian hate speech getting a pass, Progressive Podcast Australia, climate change, Durban Climate Change […]

The Podcast : Episode 49

Episode 49 – Current Events, Mississippi Murder! In this new more compact episode, Persephone and I provide a heartbreaking update on the case of Troy Anthony Davis and we talk about a Knowledge is Power approach to sex ed and some veganism related topics after a few listener submitted stories open the door, then we […]