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Hello, ‘Murica, We See You!

One year ago today, I, Rob Bowen (aka the Angry Hippie), published the farewell episode of the podcast. And in that time, a lot has changed. Political divisiveness has ruled the landscape, and the United States’ skeletons have come out of the proverbial closet in spades, as our true nature as a nation came into […]

The Podcast : Episode 84 – Bullies With Guns

Episode 84 – Bullies With Guns In this episode, Rob touches on climate change again in discussing the flooding in the Balkans, along with some feedback and podcast recommendations before getting to some current events. First up, Rob looks at Macklemore and his problematic racist actions and the awareness he claims that make his actions […]

The Podcast : Episode 82 – Connecting the Dots

Episode 82 – Connecting the Dots In this new episode, Rob takes a look at some feedback which takes the discussion to one of speciesism and touches on Carol Adams absent referent before moving onto connecting the dots on the mindsets of oppression driving the matrix of domination. With some current events covered too, the […]

The Podcast: 7th Annual Vegan Helliday Special

7th Annual Vegan Helliday Special : Winter of Malcontents! Rob is ringing in the helliday season with an all new Helliday Special focusing on expanding people’s understanding of veganism and how it is much more than a diet, which will simultaneously hopefully help us convey to family and friends that gift-giving to vegans means making […]

The Podcast: 6th Annual Vegan Helliday Special

6th Annual Vegan Helliday Special : Back to Brutal Basics! Return of Rob’s annual rants about being vegan and living compassionately in an exploitative, capitalistic society whose lack of compassion and understanding is celebrated in gluttonous, devastating fashion throughout November and December each year in the form of the Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas helliday […]

The Podcast : Episode 75

Episode 75 – Current Events, Medical Myths! In this all new extra long and ranty episode Rob comes out of hiatus with lots of feedback to go over talking about topics like veganism, Leonard Peltier, the No Cope podcasting network, religious oppression, womens rights in Afghanistan, imperialism, religion, LGBT community, undercover as gay, exploitation for […]

The Podcast : Episode 74

Episode 74 – Current Events, the Racist Right! In this all new episode Rob dives into some feedback from a few listeners which takes the discussion down a couple of avenues dealing with veganism, high cost of beef, food prices in general, supply and demand, exploitation, genetic discrimination, GINA, and a predisposition to illness costing […]

The Podcast : Episode 73

Episode 73 – Current Events, Teaching Stereotypes! In this all new episode Rob discusses Chicago’s new marijuana decriminalization laws as submitted by Thor before he thanks everyone for the kind words and well wishes during the Waldo Canyon Fire and our evacuation here in Manitou Springs. Rob then launches into the headlines and covers current […]

The Podcast : Episode 72

Episode 72 – Current Events, The People’s Puppetmasters! In this all new episode Rob talks about some issues that listeners have raised in their messages, including Jane Sbrovoda’s mental illness, state of care provided to those with mental illness, ethical classrooms, globalization, impacts of unethical industries, exploitation, Inditex, we can change the world, fleshly actions […]

The Podcast : Episode 65

Episode 65 – Current Events, GOP Theocracy! In this brand new episode of the podcast, Rob goes over a little bit of feedback that he received since the last which takes the show through Kansas Speaker’s Bible verse for Obama’s assassination, Christian hate speech getting a pass, Progressive Podcast Australia, climate change, Durban Climate Change […]