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The Megaphone : Episode 1 – WTF, Huck?!?

Welcome to the brand new vlog from the Angry Hippie! The Megaphone is a short rant about current events from the Angry Hippie himself. In this inaugural episode, Rob takes on Mike Huckabee and his transphobic statements earlier this year before looking at his more recent religious comments about the SCOTUS. Links to further the […]

The Podcast : Episode 45

Episode 45 – Current Events, Arizona Racism Reform, Hate Pranks. In this episode, Persephone and I tackle some vegan related and feminist related questions to kick things off, then we discuss the political game, Oklahoma City bombings celebration, Bachmann wants to be more important, Clinton vs Bachmann, rhetoric echo chambers, Australia victimizing rape victims, skinny […]

Keep your god's hands off my country!

I’ve read some scary, crazy ass Christian propaganda and incitement statements today that frightened me to my core. These are some really scary fuckers! I mean Jason and Freddy have nothing on these horrific hate-mongers. So I wanted to post some of these readily accessible quotes from our founding fathers, to further add fuel to […]