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The Podcast : Episode 89 – Anniversary Farewell

Episode 89 – Anniversary Farewell In this anniversary farewell episode, Rob discusses the end of the podcast and the road ahead. Episode 89 Link from the Show Tumblr post I shared on the episode

The revolution will be televised (by Fox News)

The revolution will be televised Its participants, mischaracterized The narratives injected with lies To keep us misinformed and terrorized They’ve bled the truth from the signal They’re plugging into the mainstream feed Deeming context and causation As intel the public just doesn’t need Because that context makes villains of so many All complicit in our […]

The Podcast : Episode 88 – The Tyranny of Terror

Episode 88 – The Tyranny of Terror In brand new episode of the podcast, Rob takes a look at two recent terrorist events, before dissecting our response in the US to terrorist attacks or threats. First off, the discussion goes over the recent NAACP bombing in Colorado Springs and the lack of a committed media […]

The Podcast : Vegan Helliday Special 8 – And a Crappy New Year

Vegan Helliday Special 8 – And a Crappy New Year In the return of the Vegan Helliday Special, Rob takes a look at holiday traveling once again, and changes in the vegan landscape in the south since last time he was around. Given the intersectionality that veganism demands, and the fact that Rob’s travels took […]

The Podcast : Episode 84 – Bullies With Guns

Episode 84 – Bullies With Guns In this episode, Rob touches on climate change again in discussing the flooding in the Balkans, along with some feedback and podcast recommendations before getting to some current events. First up, Rob looks at Macklemore and his problematic racist actions and the awareness he claims that make his actions […]

The Podcast : Episode 76 – 6th Year Anniversary Special

Episode 76 – Election Fallout! In this new shorter, much more singularly focused episode Rob takes a look at all of the fallout from election day 2012 and gives an appropriate nod to the day that began this podcasting journey as we roll into our sixth year on the internet airwaves! Before the fallout though, […]

The Podcast : Episode 70

Episode 70 – Current Events, Dept. of Corrections! In this all new episode Rob looks at a few stories sent in from listeners which covers criminalizing feeding the homeless in the US, devaluing lives, Anders Behring Breivik and the Norway terror attacks of July 22, ALEC, corporations buying legislation, dwelling on the past for a […]

The Podcast: Episode 68

Episode 68 – Current Events, Phony 2012! In this brand new episode of the podcast, Rob goes over some listener feedback which takes the dialog through topics like organized religion, government granted freedom, spirituality, EU economy, distractions, US Gov’t distractions, HR347, suppressing voices of dissent, US Government’s legislative reaction to ‘Arab Spring’, and more before […]

The Podcast: Episode 67

Episode 67 – Debating GOP, Current Events, Rampant Racism! In this brand new episode of the podcast, Rob dissects the Arizona GOP Presidential debates, looking at Christian extremism, contraception, immigration, entitlement spending, Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, privilege, Iran, nukes, securing the border, and more before moving on to feedback from listeners. At which point the […]