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The Podcast : Episode 40 a/b

Episode 40 a/b – Current Events, Gender Roles, Congressional Suckage, and an Interview with Jo Pollock. With my new co-host at my side, Persephone and I rail against punishment killing, media sexist shaming, Starbucks sex demands, victim blaming, animal activism, fur, suicide protest, fur is eco-friendly, green label lies, Pope condemns equality, kids equal purpose, […]

MiniCast 3 – Hell Houses

MiniCast 3 : Hell Houses. This is the next mini episode where I focus on a single topic for a fixed focus rant (Okay so here I am a little less focused than usual), and in this mini I talk about the Christian indoctrination of the youth in America. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy […]

Why is it okay….?

So why is it okay for people to be misinformed? To bask in the bliss of their ignorance, willfully, purposefully, and maliciously? The truth’s not only out there, but it’s too inconvenient for anyone to want to give a fuck…(did you see what I did there with the whole truth thing? That’s right, I’m reclaiming […]