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Free Download – DJ Mydnyt Discography

And it is here! At long last, Rob has compiled a discography of every track (to date) created under the DJ Mydnyt moniker. Along with all 5 full completed albums with album art, 3 singles & b-sides with album art (1 of which is all new and previously unreleased), and two 2-song unreleased previews of […]

New DJ Mydnyt/Angry Hippie Crossover – Life Lessons

Recently I listened to the Sunscreen Song again released under Baz Lurhman, which was based on a graduation speech that had been around the internet for a while in the 90’s. It got me thinking, and then well, writing my own bit of advice to the public. And while I always liked the song before, […]

DJ Mydnyt’s Fourth Album Released (With Single & B-sides)

As many of you may or may not know, I have an ongoing side project under the moniker DJ Mydnyt. And I am proud to announce the completion and virtual release of the new album, Original DJ. This fourth installment is complete with new tracks never before heard, and handfuls of tracks that have been […]