Sound the alarm!

by angryhippie

I read a blog post just today from the Huffington Post, and became enraged and disgusted simultaneously. The post was made by Bob Harris, and it was concerning the crisis-level assault on women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With the Second Congo War raging away, and claiming around 1000 lives a day, this conflict has further destabilized a region of the world that has not seen civil rest in over a decade. And yet, rarely, if ever, do we here in America, hear anything about the world’s deadliest conflict that is carrying on without a humanitarian push from the people of the US to drive our government into action.

I cannot bring myself to post the details of the violence that these women are facing everyday, which force some of them to seek refuge in the nearby jungles at night to find peace and rest. I know that I should, but this topic is one that I am overly sensitive to. Tears rush to my eyes, even now, as I type around the facts, and simply urge the public to seek out the information about what is happening. We need to be raising awareness and sounding the alarm about this destruction and abuse!

As a nation that invades others for humanitarian reasons, we are really dropping the ball here as millions are dying and woman across the lands are being brutalized, and we can’t even get our media to report on the situation. Sparse reports surface every couple of years, but still we are not spurred to action, and that is sickening in and of itself. We have engaged in a war of choice, and have left ourselves incapable of providing aid where it has been needed for longer than in Iraq.

Mr. Harris mentions that his write-up of the horrors being committed will probably be the only one sounded for the public to hear, and there will probably not be another for months to come. I say, that that is unacceptable! We need to be united in raising our voices to cry out for these woman and this horrible war that seems to be unending. Dubbed the African World War, this bloody conflict needs to be on the tongues and minds of every citizen of the world, who considers themselves to be a humanitarian. I also call out for everyone to alert as many people as we can to this crisis, and keep the outcry going until significant action be taken to bring about an end to this deplorable situation.

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