Some fresh digs for the site!

by angryhippie

Angie and I have been wanting to re-do the design for the blog for sometime now, and well, apparently today we came to the now. So here it is, fresh from the design presses, Hippie Soapbox V.3!

A little while back, Angie did a digital tracing of a picture of me and I have been wanting to incorporate that image into the site and the podcast, and she made it happen for me! We really wanted to move the site in a lighter direction, and definitely scale into a much more minimalistic area which I think she did wonderfully.

So I went to work re-organizing the over a hundred posts and making some new images for headers so that the site would get a complete facelift. We hope you enjoy the new look, but don’t expect the mood to lighten any time soon. Though the site may have gotten brighter, my outlook remains the same. We still have a long way to go…