Salmonella Subterfuge

by angryhippie

Okay. So the tomatoes were pulled and the people were scared into submitting to a tomatoeless existence until the CDC gives the all clear for the masses to remove our heads from the sand and put the other “t” back in our TLT sandwiches (the first “t” is for Tempeh…that’s common right?). Anyway, back on track. But after months and months, the threat is still out there and over a 1,000 have become ill from eating tainted veggies.

Scrambling to make sense of this outbreak, the CDC (in their infinite wisdom) have now added raw jalapeƱos and Serrano peppers to the potentially infected foods that consumers need to be wary of for now. Though to be fair, Serrano peppers were only added to the warning because most consumers can’t tell the difference between them. So now jalapeƱos have become tainted in this outbreak. And just exactly how did these vegetables become contaminated in the first place? Why it’s from animal feces tainted water supplies being used to water the plants.

But here’s the thing. What if this was planned? I know, I know. I sound like a conspiracy-minded dietary extremist hippie, but just follow me here. Several years ago, Congress passes legislation that will guarantee that all produce sold in America will not only be heavily sprayed with toxic pesticides that were once banned (and in some countries, they still are banned!), but they will also all be irradiated to guard against infection. Even the organic veggies. Now, not only will this seriously damage the food supply in America, and strip the vegetables of all of their nutritional value, but it will endanger the people. Both with the increased toxicity of our groundwater run-off and of our air as these chemicals are sprayed.

So there is outrage. And there are people who are standing against this changing tide…but nothing is done. Except, for suddenly in the past couple of years we’ve had serious outbreaks of food-borne illnesses among the vegetables. And the people are afraid. Less outrage, more frightened people looking for answers. Well, suddenly the largest of these outbreaks takes place a year before this legislation is set to take effect. Coincidence? Probably…but again, go with me.

Suddenly when the public hears of these harsher sprays to cleanse and protect their vegetables and the irradiating that will kill any bacteria on our veggies, do you think they will think about the negatives, or do you think they will sigh a breathe of relief thinking back to these mysterious vegetable illness outbreaks and go right along with this bullshit, possibly manufactured, scenario. I say, mysterious, because it’s weird how plants get tainted with an animal based infectious bacteria, almost as if it was intentional.

Who stands to gain from this? The folks that always do. Big Business.

The chemical manufacturers that can charge whatever elevated prices they want, since the processes are mandatory by law (which will further add costs to small farmers who can’t afford these new supplies and then have to sell out to the larger conglomerate farms, but I’m sure that’s just an accidental side-effect to this necessary solution for safe foods). Big Pharma who will naturally reap the rewards of the increased toxicity and the rewards of people having to buy vitamin supplements to replace the vitamins and minerals there foods will no longer contain (oops, again. Damn, irradiating, oh well, in the name of safety).

Maybe to truly be safe, we need to stop spraying more lethal substances on our foods. And we need to dismantle the Meat and Dairy industries, whose unsafe and careless behaviors and practices have polluted and tainted the water sources to begin with and caused these contaminations to spread (Not to mention it’s just good for your soul). Maybe we need to stop catering to the corporation’s yearnings for earnings and focus on keeping the water, soil, and air safe for us and our food supply.