Preying on Dreamers!

by angryhippie

America seems hellbent on preying. No I didn’t spell that wrong. If I was talking about prayer, I would have said hard-on, not hellbent. It would have just been too easy. We live in a domination minded culture, and since it’s been happening across the board no matter species, race, or gender, I shouldn’t have been surprised by this fact I realized today. Perhaps the only surprising part is that I never really looked at it like this before.

America needs it’s “dream” to keep the dreamers coming here to be exploited. Because who’s an easier target than a wide-eyed, hopeful dreamer? We are no longer the land of opportunity, but the land of opportunists! There‚Äôs a difference.

As an aspiring director and writer, I see it all the time. The ambitious dreamers trying to grab this elusive life and hold on to it. And ‘agencies’ and ‘professionals’ see these people, and they pounce, with their false promises and connections. Going to turn you on to the right people and the right groups so you can blossom, after you succeed in their ‘programs’ and ‘classes’ designed to teach you to play all the right games. And after the costly fees and expenses for the ‘training’, the prey are left with little else. I know that some will dismiss this, and say that’s the system, that’s Hollywood. But it’s the principle that I’m talking about. Don’t get me wrong, there are some brilliant people teaching wonderful skills in these areas, probably not very affordably but it’s been a while since education was affordable. I’m talking of the scams and schemers.

So I looked and saw this same system in all different areas. The exploited immigrants seeking the promise of a better future for their families, abused and misused maliciously by a corrupt system that disrespectfully discards them when it’s no further use for them. The struggling women, who want to succeed in their land and have pride in their country, despite the fact that it constantly opts to demean and demoralize them all the way up to the ever present glass ceiling. By the time they’ve reached it, they have already had to compromise so much of their strength and self to fit into the Boy’s Club, that they barely resemble the person they once were! And we prey on them. With no regard, with no respect, they are preyed upon and profited from! And the justice’s system’s preying upon the other races in this country alone is disgraceful enough, even when there aren’t dreamers among them due to the overwhelming tide of oppression they’ve constantly struggled against until most hope has been smashed from within those communities.

What is it about dreamers that America, the land of dreams, hates so much? I was just thinking today…