Preview of my new zine Angry Hippie Unplugged!

by angryhippie

So I mentioned a little while ago here on the blog that I was working on a zine, and I have, as of today, printed out the test-run of the first issue Diggers’ Dream! I am really excited to branch out into this new arena, and with a bit of help from Persephone and a story from the 1600’s that remains as relevant today as ever, I have compiled and completed my first zine which I will release in limited run sometime in May (tentatively). If you are not familiar with the Diggers, a group of Levellers from around 1649, I have linked to a couple of articles that will give you a little insight into who they were, and the ideas they sought to bring to fruition.

This 22 page underground mini-zine will be available for the cost of $1 (which should allow the costs of printing and shipping to be covered) or for trade if you have a zine of your own that you’d be interested in swapping. Below are a few rough preview pics of the first issue, Diggers’ Dream, which is made up of some excerpts from a favorite song of mine written by Leon Rosselson that deal with the Diggers, an all new original poem written by yours truly and an exclusive angry hippie rant!

If anyone would like to go ahead and pre-order a copy of the first issue, you can paypal $1 per copy you wish to get to or if you do not paypal access and wish to send well concealed cash, you can comment here with your e-mail address and I will send you the mailing address that way. Or again, if you have a zine that you would like to trade for a copy, also leave me your information in the comment section below.

I appreciate the support I have received so far from the zine community and hope to find a virtual home for this new Angry Hippie project. Angry Hippie Unplugged will hopefully have at least two issues annually, so look for more on the zine front from WHATSABUDGET Media, Rebel Yell Books, and the Angry Hippie! Peace, love, and all that hippie shit, y’all.