The Introspective Retrospective 2

The Introspective Retrospective 2

An episode that takes a look back over the life of the podcast and its future. As the angry hippie himself has gone through something of a tumultuous and transformative year, the podcast too is undergoing a transformation. Check out this episode for some insights into the next evolution of the program.

The Introspective Retrospective 2

Minicast 8 – America: Armed & Dangerous

Minicast 8 – America: Armed & Dangerous!

In this long awaited return to the show, Rob comes out swinging with a minicast dedicated to America’s addiction to guns, and the dangerous future we are spiraling out of control towards. With talk of gun control and mental illness, the NRA, LaPierre’s excerpts from the National Rifle Association’s book on deflections and distractions for discussions on gun control, contextualizing violent video games and movies for children, Shelly Frey, Wal-Mart security guard shoots suspected shoplifting as she flees the scene, over-arming everyone is not the answer to our problems with guns, putting guns in schools to prevent shootings, Colorado failing on response to shootings on control and mental healthcare fronts, broken systems, media exacerbates Newtown’s grief and troubles with entitled journalistic asshattery, Joe Scarborough changes stance on gun control in wake of Newtown shootings, police state comes early to Paragould Arkansas, heavily armed police patrolling and harassing the public, illusions of safety, the racism behind the 2nd Amendment, racist bias that guides modern gun control policies and more!

America: Armed & Dangerous

Links Promised in the Show

NRA Blames Video Games for Violence as Another Mass Shooting Occurs

Woman Shot Dead by Wal-Mart Security Guard on Suspicion of Shoplifting

Newtown to Media, You’re Making this Nightmare Worse

Joe Scarborough says on air that Newtown shooting changed his views on guns

Paragould Police Deploys Assault Rifle Clad Officers to Stop and ID Everyone in Name of Safety

American History and the Right to Bear Arms

Scientists Discover Highly Referenced Island of Non-Veganity

Several of the world’s top scientific journals broke the story late last week, but mainstream vegan media is ignoring the reports of this major geographical discovery. This subtropic island, that until recently was untouched by human beings, was found by accident while a scientific research team from the University of Pramdon Major was on a routine sample retrieval expedition from the Arctic ocean. This was part of an ongoing research grant the university had received, that now, with this latest discovery, they are hoping to expand upon.

The island, which had never before appeared in their designated research grid of the ocean was a shocking find as the team entered the otherwise familiar waters. Suggesting the island has remained undiscovered for this long due to it’s non-tethered base that allows the island to move freely through the oceans with strong enough currents, displacing the geographic anomaly throughout the year. But that wasn’t the most interesting bit of data the team brought back from the island.

According to the preliminary surveys of this unique land mass, the island is one that has been speculated about and hypothetically discussed for years in the vegan community. Which is one reason the silence from the mainstream vegan media about this find is indeed troubling for the continued subsistence of the movement known as veganism.

“I recognized it immediately!” said Trevor Johannes, a former vegan, who was part of the exploratory team who landed on the long-thought mythical island’s shores. “It was clear from the vast amounts of feathers, blood and bone, exactly where we had come ashore. I would have never believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes.” Johannes reported to the correspondents gathered at the team’s recently held press conference.

Perhaps it is Johannes last sentiment there, which has kept the MVM from addressing this find. But others, like long-time anti-vegan advocacy leader Christian Spencer of the decade old grassroots organization POP (People Opposed to Peta), believes the silence has a much wider implication about the chaotic state he believes the movement will be in, in the wake of this discovery.

The island’s main precipitation, even in the Arctic region it finds itself currently, consists primarily of raining fowl. Scientists remain completely in the dark about how any such meteorological event could occur, and insist that further study of the island is in order to determine the source of the precipitous poultry.

Other anomalies cited in the team’s initial reports indicated other animal inhabitants of the island, including an over abundance of bovine residents, all which were reported to have been aggressively eager to be consumed. The report is unclear as to what indications the cattle gave that were interpreted as their consent to consumption, but one source who spoke under conditions of anonymity seemed to suggest it was through some sort of audible indicators. Leading those at the press conference to infer that the cows somehow vocalized this consent.

Naturally, these preliminary findings will have to be further verified, but so far, it seems all accounts the team have provided have been factually accurate. With lead members even having submitted to polygraphs of their testimonies for initial verification. Given the outlandish nature of the claims, still members of the public remain skeptical. Though with another trip to the island already scheduled in the coming weeks with more teams of scientists in tow, the team hopes to lay this skepticism to rest.

The End of Veganism?

With so many implications stemming from this discovery, the one that seems to be gaining the most traction, even beyond the scientific, is what this could potentially mean for the vegan community at large. Hal Wystrop of the Healthier Consumers Initiative fears that this could be the “final nail in the coffin” of veganism’s attempt to gain mainstream acceptance among the public.

“Given the sheer volume of omni’s who ask vegans questions that would now seemingly be based on this newly discovered land mass in attempts to logically punch holes in or find a way around the lifestyle, the chances of getting anyone to seriously consider veganism as an alternative is slimmer now than it ever has been in the past.” Halstrop lamented in his recent interview with The Times Herald. “If they can now point to this island as some sort of sign that they were always on the right track, what chances do we vegans have now?”

Several religious groups have also jumped at this opportunity to show that their refusal to submit to more moral and ethically charged paths have been in step with God all along. As Pastor Terry Randall, of the Blood of the Lamb Church of Almighty Jesus Christ in Perryville, GA pointed out in light of this new finding saying, “Those hippies have been crying foul for years over their flawed interpretations of biblical text which they believe state we as human beings were not given these animals by God to consume!” Randall added, “It’s Godless hippie drivel, and this island proves it!”

Other indicators being pointed to that this discovery could spell trouble for the vegan movement came from reports that Happy Cow Consumables, a leader in the animal welfare fight (and an organization known to be partially owned by the founders of PETA) have begun legal proceedings to purchase the island. Sources close to those in charge of HCC have speculated that the acquisition would be for sourcing meats for their line of organic free-range food products. Representatives from both HCC and PETA declined commenting on the reports when contacted.

However, with last year’s rumors of the financial holdings in the company being currently restructured with sights on the resort vacation markets, others have speculated that PETA and HCC are seeking the island to open the first free-range, cruelty free organic hotel resort of it’s kind on the planet. Using the island with its unique properties and inhabitants as it’s potentially scenic locale.

Of course, one challenge this plan faces, scientists have pointed out, is the unpredictable mobility of this geographic anomaly, and how to work around that. Without constructing a major tether from the island’s base to the ocean floor, this aspect of the island could render plans to settle it something of an improbability.

Whatever the plans may be, and however the ownership of the island ends up being settled, this discovery makes one thing perfectly clear. From this day forward, whenever vegans are asked what they would do if they found themselves on an island that rains chickens or where the cows walk right up to you and demand to be eaten, they will have to actually give the smug, self-satisfied bastards asking a legitimate response. Lest they be seen as logically conquered.

As the ripples of this story spread throughout the world, we will be continuing coverage of any lasting developments, and reporting them to you here. Stay tuned…

The Podcast: 6th Annual Vegan Helliday Special

6th Annual Vegan Helliday Special : Back to Brutal Basics!

Return of Rob’s annual rants about being vegan and living compassionately in an exploitative, capitalistic society whose lack of compassion and understanding is celebrated in gluttonous, devastating fashion throughout November and December each year in the form of the Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas helliday season! Rob covers witnessing the waste of this time of year, not to mention the disconnects, the must-eat-death mindset, the ever-expanding madness that is Black Friday and now Gray Thursday, the consumerism that consumes this time of year, the legitimacy of the worker’s strikes against big business, Wal-Mart versus workers who are backed by Anonymous, the war on Christmas and more!

The 6th Annual Vegan Helliday Special

Links Promised in the Show

The Unconventionist Podcast by Jeremy Mendelson

The Nation’s Rundown of Wal-Mart Worker Strikes

Study: CEO Pay Increased 127 Times Faster Than Worker Pay Over Last 30 Years

Why Unions Don’t Shoulder the Blame for Hostess Downfall

Fox News Pundit Makes Light of Plight of the Poor Just Before Thanksgiving

The Podcast : Episode 76 – 6th Year Anniversary Special

Episode 76 – Election Fallout!

In this new shorter, much more singularly focused episode Rob takes a look at all of the fallout from election day 2012 and gives an appropriate nod to the day that began this podcasting journey as we roll into our sixth year on the internet airwaves! Before the fallout though, Rob looks at a little feedback which covers transphobia and a community dedicated to ending this oppressive societal norm, before bridging the dialog gap with a story about Colorado voters legalizing the recreational use and possession of marijuana for adults. This takes us across topics like the stigma of marijuana use, the drug war, forcing the federal government to either suppress the will of the people or re-evaluate their outdated stance on marijuana. As we cover more election fallout, we look at the racist reaction to Obama’s second term, the hopelessness plaguing white people across the country, conservatives’ continued determination to stall progress and subvert the will of the people, the mandate for taxing the rich and the Republican refusal to even discuss it, Mitt’s mischaracterization as a hater of women and their lady part rights, the sexist attacks of women who voted for Obama labeling them sluts, teaching hate, moving forward towards full equality, and more. Then Rob looks at some of the other positives from the election like the defeat of Republican Team Rape like Akin/Murdoch and their ilk, Mazie Hirono, Tammy Duckworth, Maine/Maryland/Minnesota all standing up for marriage equality, Mary Gonzalez, Tammy Baldwin, and Grace Meng. All with humor, music and more.

Episode 76

Links Promised in the Podcast

Colorado & Washington Pass Marijuana Legalization Measures

Link from Jen to FB group Wipe Out Transphobia

Montana Votes to say Corporations Aren’t People

Southern Poverty Law Center – For Radical Right Obama Victory Brings Fury and Fear

**Trigger Warning** Jezebel post on Racist Twitter reaction to Obama’s second term

White People Mourning Romney Tumblr acct

GOP says no to taxes

NY Time article where Mitt laments on the left’s mischaracterization of him as a women hater

Fox Blames Women for Romney’s Loss…reasonable people blame Romney ;p

The Slut Vote

The Podcast : Episode 75

Episode 75 – Current Events, Medical Myths!

In this all new extra long and ranty episode Rob comes out of hiatus with lots of feedback to go over talking about topics like veganism, Leonard Peltier, the No Cope podcasting network, religious oppression, womens rights in Afghanistan, imperialism, religion, LGBT community, undercover as gay, exploitation for personal gain, Timothy Kurek and more. Then Rob covers a few personal rants over the state of politics and critical thinking, lying your way to the Capitol Hill, election cycles, exercising your right to vote, participation of the people, changing the system, and using our voices all before diving into the current event stories collected for the show. Those stories touch on Veteran’s Jobs bill defeat, heartless representation, political games for gain, FBI versus intellectuals known to them as anarchists, McCarthy era tactics, Grand Jury subversion of rights, justice system, Syngenta, GMOs, GM Bt corn killing livestock, automated copyright enforcement, Hugo Awards, digital rights management disasters, rahowa, racial holy war, US soldiers arrested for plot to overthrow gov’t, revolution, racists train in US military for upcoming race war, Virginia Republican Committee calling for armed revolution if Dems win White House, violent rhetoric of the right, Greenland ice sheet melting, climate change, global warming, Mitt’s grip on reality, Obama administration fails the people with NDAA appeal, Koch brothers warn employees of consequences of Dem win, Romney tells business owners to tell employees how to vote, manipulating voters, voter suppression, killing the people’s voices, health insurance, casualties of health care system, Todd Akin, Lilly Ledbetter Act, fair pay, and freedom to be sexist. Then Rob takes a look at 5 myths the medical industry won’t let die, cycle of sickness, side effects, vaccinations, no money in making people better, Obamacare fails the lower class, natural remedies, alternative medicine, naturopaths, fluoride, with poetry and more.

Episode 75

Links Promised in the Podcast

Leonard Peltier’s case file breakdown

FB Leonard Peltier group Jen sent

No Cope Network on FB

Documentary Thor recommends on female prisoners in Afghanistan

Timothy Kurek pretends to be gay to experience LGB persecution…and to write a book.

Senate GOP blocks Veteran’s Jobs Bill

Young Persons Called to Private Grand Jury for Owning Anarchist Literature

Biotech leader Syngenta charged over covering up animal deaths from GM corn

Copyright enforcement bots destroy Hugo Awards

US Soldiers Plotted to Kill President Obama and Overthrow Government

Reuter’s report on US Military battling racism in the ranks (report on coming rahowa ‘racial holy war’)

Media turns a blind eye to record Greenland ice melt

Koch brothers warn employees to vote GOP

Romney claims ‘No One Dies from Lack of Health Insurance’

Todd Akin says businesses should be able to pay women less because of freedom

5 Most Repeated Health Myths that Doctors Have No Intention of Abandoning

Don’t forget you can grab the entire DJ Mydnyt discography for free!

The Podcast : Episode 74

Episode 74 – Current Events, the Racist Right!

In this all new episode Rob dives into some feedback from a few listeners which takes the discussion down a couple of avenues dealing with veganism, high cost of beef, food prices in general, supply and demand, exploitation, genetic discrimination, GINA, and a predisposition to illness costing people jobs and opportunities. Then Rob gets into the current events he had prepared for the show which include Mitt Romney’s campaign of lies, knowingly misleading the public, our broken political system, systemic inequalities, starvation, food supply, ending world hunger, police brutality, Anaheim protests, Manuel Diaz, murdered by police, Jarell Brooks, Aurora hero, theatre shooting leads to calls for more gun control in US, 2nd Amendment rallying, arming the citizenry, Old West returns, more guns equals safer US, India’s power grid failure, resource supplies faltering in light of expanding populous’ demands, government transparency, Romney’s gubernatorial deleted data, hypocrisy, illegal wiretapping, cellphone surveillance, scope of spying not known by government branch tasked with overseeing and regulating, Big Brother’s blind eye, privacy disappearing, oppression in the name of safety, Chik-fil-a, LGBTQ oppression, oppression and hate embraced by elected officials, land of the free with exceptions, cowards speak hate through chicken, Merican ignorance, what US citizens don’t know about US, world view of US, status, healthcare, Chavis Carter, Jonesboro PD, suspicious circumstances surrounding death of Carter while in custody, and police search fails. Then Rob discusses the right’s embrace of racism, Romney’s campaign gets subvertly racist, the right’s obviously racist base, Michele Bachmann’s racist ranting, paranoia played out on Capital Hill, Muslim Brotherhood, Islamaphobia, George Zimmerman wants an apology for killing Trayvon Martin, with poetry and more.

Episode 74

Links Promised in the Podcast

Thanking Vegan Outreach for the love, you should check out their show

Genetic Discrimination on the rise

Leave a review for Progressive Podcast Australia here on iTunes

Romney is a liar, and the public doesn’t seem to care

World Hunger is Caused by Systemic Inequalities, Not Meat-Eaters

Anaheim protests over police brutality incur more wrath and violence from police

Jarell Brooks, 19, helps save mother and her children from Aurora theatre massacre

Only armed law-abiding citizens can prevent another Aurora….what the fuck?!?!

India’s Power Grid Disaster

Romney finally admits to destroying emails from time in office

Scope of cellphone surveillance still not known by public or government

Mike Huckabee’s hate and oppression appreciation day

10 Things Americans Don’t Know About America – long, but great read!

Chavis Carter shot while handcuffed and in back of police car

Romney Adviser says Obama doesn’t fully appreciate our Anglo-Saxon heritage

Michele Bachmann doubles down on racist ranting

In interview, Zimmerman asks for an apology

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The Podcast : Episode 73

Episode 73 – Current Events, Teaching Stereotypes!

In this all new episode Rob discusses Chicago’s new marijuana decriminalization laws as submitted by Thor before he thanks everyone for the kind words and well wishes during the Waldo Canyon Fire and our evacuation here in Manitou Springs. Rob then launches into the headlines and covers current events like the sexism and racism that reportedly pervades the US coverage of the Olympic Games, a story that looks at rape culture in Sweden, the feminist haven myth busted, gender politics still need work, Stuxnet virus, US government wants to prosecute reporters, too hard for Big Brother to cover-up illegal activities so they want to muzzle media, checks and balances, freedom of the press, Espionage Act, Coral Harbour protests, high food prices, government regulations, the Nutrition North Canada program, people starve while local store gouges customers, carnivorous plants getting enough nitrogen through pollution so cut back on eating bugs, carnivorous plants have more compassion than average human, getting nutrients without eating others, first lady Michelle Obama threatened by DC police officer in conversation with other officers, White House motorcade officer suspended while investigation over comments takes place, Bill Nye versus CNN, climate change deniers damaging public dialog, media complicit in pandering to deniers pushing opinion over science, 16 of last 17 years have been hottest on record, wildfire in CO predicted by scientists because of unusually dry conditions, Carol Costello invalidates Bill Nye’s entire interview in introduction, young Mitt Romney used to dress up like a state trooper and pull people over for fun, Romney would break the law to get his kicks, conservative Canadian government makes damaging cuts to needed science programs, anti-science governments pushing for ignorance, US destabilizing Syria as they’ve done elsewhere, Iraqization of other countries in region, arming groups to detriment of public safety, acting on agendas not on best interests of people in the region, Houla massacre, Assad’s regime, and more before going on to discuss the sex segregation of US schools, Teaching Stereotypes, Sax/Gurian junk science too long allowed to steer US education, girls brains versus boys brains, media darling dumb-shits push damaging sexism into curriculum, predatory loan practices, and student loans. With music, poetry and more.

Episode 73

Links Promised in the Podcast

Chicago City Council votes to decriminalize marijuana

Olympic coverage in US riddled with sexism and racism

Sweden and Rape: The Myth of the Feminist Haven

Stuxnet leak prompts US House to consider prosecution of journalists

North Coral Harbour protests high food prices

Carnivorous plants becoming vegetarian because of pollution

DC Police officer from White House motorcade talks about shooting Michelle Obama

Bill Nye tells CNN that equal time for climate deniers irresponsible as two sides aren’t equal

Romney used to impersonate police officer and pull people over for fun

Canadian scientists protest huge cuts in funding

in depth write up of US actions purposely destabilizing countries and the ramifications of those efforts

School sex segregation loses ground

Grieving father struggles to repay dead son’s massive student loans

Online service where women can list men who they have been sexually assaulted by, emotionally abused by, physically abused by, etc…

For anyone interested, this is the Whatsabudget Documentary about our first film and the Waldo Canyon Fire. Exclusive footage I shot of the fire is in the film.

Free Download – DJ Mydnyt Discography

And it is here! At long last, Rob has compiled a discography of every track (to date) created under the DJ Mydnyt moniker. Along with all 5 full completed albums with album art, 3 singles & b-sides with album art (1 of which is all new and previously unreleased), and two 2-song unreleased previews of upcoming DJ Mydnyt albums, you also get all 6 original podcast theme songs, and both DJ Mydnyt videos (Angry Hippie Network & I’ll Not Go Gentle). With over half a gig’s worth of music and more, this free download file is full of ranty, reasoned and rhythmic tracks! It’s all the DJ Mydnyt you could want…and then some!

And the best part is, it’s completely free to download! Just click on the link below and download will automatically begin!

Download the Discography

The Podcast : Episode 72

Episode 72 – Current Events, The People’s Puppetmasters!

In this all new episode Rob talks about some issues that listeners have raised in their messages, including Jane Sbrovoda’s mental illness, state of care provided to those with mental illness, ethical classrooms, globalization, impacts of unethical industries, exploitation, Inditex, we can change the world, fleshly actions versus scriptural, more anti-gay hate speech from the pulpit, among other things. Then Rob goes on to discuss some more current events that covers such subjects as radioactive Bluefin Tuna turning up in Cali as a result of Fukushima disaster, safety standards track record, US soldiers execute civilians in Ishaqi 2006 Wikileaks revealed, US has taken no steps to provide justice in the killings, above the law behavior, accountability, rules of engagement, Geneva convention, Rick Scott and Florida’s voter purge, unconstitutional actions taken to steal elections, veiled racism in comments, NYT’s David Firestone responds to voter purge, Justice Dept. getting involved, ‘Personal Lifestyle Statements’ cost Georgia Baptist University large amounts of staff, Federal Judge rules DOMA unconstitutional, Catholic Church excommunicates mother and doctors who performed life saving abortion on 9 year old abuse victim, does not do the same for her abuser, CDC rules meals have quadrupled in size since 50’s, Gov. Walker’s false testimony before Congress called into question, perjury charges could follow release of video showing contradictions to Walker’s testimony, union busting, crafting a red state by breaking the law, truth behind high cost of US healthcare revealed, cash option at hospitals often cheaper alternative than using your insurance, reform the insurance racket, Stuxnet virus in 2010 came from US and Israeli governments, cyber-sabotage, accidentally released on world wide web, targeting Iran for destabilizing a program we cannot prove they have, terrorism to save the world, gas price speculators flouting laws despite calls from Congress to stop, and Congress just complains to the President. Then Rob covers the People’s Puppetmasters, the corporations who are now in charge of multiple aspects of our mainstream media, the consolidation of the media into the hands of 4-6 major companies since the 80’s, then moves on to discuss Rep. spokesman Jay Townsend’s online comments about hurling acid in faces of female Senators, and how overt efforts have become by our corrupt government to further silence our voices and steal our elections. With music and more.

Episode 72

**Congratulations to Adam who won The Devil’s Carnival Limited Edition Autographed Soundtrack!**

Links Promised in the Podcast

Link from Amie that clarifies condition of Jane Sbrovoda

Link from Rosalia about Inditex situation and effects of Globalization

Link 2 from Rosalia about Inditex situation and effects of Globalization

Story Marc sent about Pastor liking the idea of killing gays

Link from Thor to a site with many stories like the ones covered on the podcast

Bluefin Tuna in California turning up with large amounts of radioactive cesium from Fukushima plant disaster last year

Wikileaks release shows US soldiers handcuffed and executed civilians in Iraq in 2006, US still not answering for the crimes

Florida voter purge continues, Federal government attempting to intervene

Federal Judge finds DOMA unconstitutional

CDC report on portion size of average US fast food meal compared to 1950’s

Gov. Walker asked to clarify testimony after incrementing video surfaces showing he lied to Congress

Cost of Healthcare in the US (Report Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to See)

US and Israeli governments responsible for 2010 Stuxnet virus that hit the web

Wall Street speculators continue to flout US law and artificially drive up gas prices

US Rep. spokesperson suggests hurling acid in the face of female Senators in online debate

Difference Makers for the show! Network dedicated to connecting trans people in need with safe places to stay – The Trans Housing Network – Help spread the word!