Outlaws and Injustice

by angryhippie


Hollywood had a habit of telling us long ago that the good guys always wore white and the bad guys always wore black. It was a code. It helped us to identify the outlaws. Those who wrote their own codes and disrupted the daily lives of us all with their violence and defiant ways. These days we don’t have such clear lines of division between the good and the bad. Too many of the supposed good guys who live behind badges and take on the responsibility of protecting the public from the outlaws, turn out to be themselves the enemy they so proudly professed they were protecting us from.

Today, the Grand Jury’s decision in Ferguson, Missouri to not indict Darren Wilson for the murder of Mike Brown stands as an example that the outlaws are running the system, and that spells nothing but injustice for the rest of us. If you are not afraid right now of the license to abuse that the Grand Jury has handed down to the police of the area (and potentially to the rest of the stations across the nation)…if it doesn’t chill you to the very core, and make you scared to live in this corrupted land of the free, then more than likely you are white. But decisions like this should be feared. Should be fought. I am sickened right now at the state of our system, and the repeated proof it continues to deliver to us proving that in its blinded eyes, black lives do not matter.

I have been watching this situation play out, hoping against my cynical assumptions that racism would prevail, and have been wanting to do an episode of the podcast about it, but I just don’t think I have it in me to do it. This story has broken me in so many ways, because despite my best efforts and ongoing cynicism, I wanted so badly to believe that this case would prove to be the turn around. The needed shift in the system that would course correct this racially biased path our country has been walking since its inception. I wanted to hear that the Grand Jury would stand up to this growing and overwhelming tide of police brutality and state sanctioned murdering of black youths and men that has swept through our history and continues to drown our public today, and say, “NO MORE!”

But instead they’ve said, “No. More.”

And I have no more left. No more patience for this sick and twisted system of racial profiled policing. No more compassion for the trigger happy badged Klansmen that are too many of our police force claiming duty and mistakes in the wakes of lifeless black bodies robbed of their sparks by unfeeling hands. You’re job performances have hints of lynchings, and we see you. No more calm to check my demeanor as ignorance reigns and privileged, willfully blind asshats spew uninformed drivel to support this system of hate.

We have to do better…