Oh, that McCain!

by angryhippie

So after watching the debates and the build-up to the coming election, I have been asking myself a fundamental question about McCain. And that is, is he just forgetful when it comes to things like voting records, VP candidate qualifications, and things of this nature, or is he just playing the same political games the Republicans have been playing for years now? You know, just say what ever sounds good, and hope the majority of people only hear that, and don’t see the proof that you’re wrong later. Either way, not fit for office, my friend.

You see, we are in, what you might call, tumultuous times. Everything is in an uproar where government is concerned. Unemployment’s at it’s highest in years. The deficit is at it’s highest in decades. The economy is in the worst shape it’s been in since the depression. Our foreign policy and credibility have both tanked since Bush’s arrogance has endangered us all. Taxpayers who can’t afford to feed their families with the rising consumer costs and low income wages are having to pay to bailout the banks who gambled with the taxpayers money, and whom the taxpayer can’t afford to pay their mortgage to anyway. The hypocrisy of nuclear arms remains openly flaunted as we proliferate and condemn others for the same. The energy crisis looming is threatening to collapse us, as we let corporate interests outweigh sustainability for the country. Global warming still hasn’t been acknowledged fully as being contributed to by human excess and consumerism, so time is running out on getting effective solutions proposed due to inconvenience. We continue to push for limited rights and freedoms through discriminatory legislation. The pressure for letting religion break through our secular foundation to further add pious biased legislation. Personal freedom is under attack from our government guised as a safety net. Just to name a few. Make no mistakes about it, this is the short list.

So we need someone on point. Sharp! Alert. And if McCain is that forgetful, as demonstrated once again with this example, then we don’t need him. Beginning of campaign, McCain attacks Obama’s experience and credentials. Sees, that’s not holding much weight, so he backs off it a bit. Selects a running mate with less qualifications than Obama. Backs off inexperience a bit more. Goes on another offensive. Doesn’t pan out. Goes back to proven ineffective plan of attacking experience, now with embarrassingly unqualified running mate for the aged, cancer survivor…..hmmm, me thinks me sees a flaw. Me thinks me sees someone, not so sharp.

Now if he’s just playing the same old GOP games of attack politics, wherein you launch smearing attacks based on distorted information knowing that the majority of people won’t catch the truth coming out days later, then fuck ‘em! That’s not what we need right now. Games aren’t going to solve that list above. Games aren’t going to get our country back on the track we’ve greedily strayed from. Games aren’t going to bring our allies back to the table, and our enemies to the table for talks. Games are simply going to keep that list expanding and getting worse. Games over. We’ve reached saturation and it’s time for a new direction.

Do I think Barack is that direction….I think he’s at least facing that way a bit more than our delusional friend from the right whose campaign has inspired more hate than hope from it’s followers. McCain’s all quaint and cute, but these are not times for quaint and cute.

Just been thinking lately…