Obama Legislates Failure, McCain Just Exemplifies It!

by angryhippie

So McCain has launched yet another attack on his rival in the presidential race, creating a talking point out of an asshat claim. McCain is stating that Obama’s opposition to the critically acclaimed, highly lauded surge in Iraq, not only shows poor leadership, but demonstrates his wanton disregard for our nation’s safety. Saying further that Obama put his political self-interest above that of his country’s. Wow, sounds like a scathing rendition of the events as they took place. And it is…if you occupy the same delusional state of mind that McCain seems to suffer from.

Here are some things that McCain failed to comprehend or realize that he was relating in his speech to a group of veterans on Monday as he tried to push his lame-brained propaganda like the dim-witted spin doctor he’s hoping to replace. First, as Obama has pointed out, that while violence may have gone down, the political reconstruction benchmarks that the surge were supposed to facilitate were not accomplished. So just as his predecessor before him, McCain metaphorically stands arms outstretched thumbs-up and grinning like the madhatter in front of a ‘Mission Accomplished’ sign, thinking that the surge was a rousing success that now puts victory within our sights. In fact, he’s so sure that we can win this conflict, he is still rejecting the idea of timetables for withdrawal of our major combat troops. Timetables that the Iraqi government are insisting that we provide.

And since he still fails to grasp the concept that such a time frame should be provided, his speeches about our military role in Iraq ring of a ruthless occupation that will only end at his satisfaction. I don’t know if that was an intended part of his message to these brave service folks who dedicated their lives to and served their military proudly, but since our military generally doesn’t like to be thought of as unwanted occupiers I don’t think it was a purposeful tone. Maybe they didn’t pick up on that insulting bit of the rousing re-imagining of the facts.

Furthermore, McCain’s claim that Obama not only predicted the failure of the surge, but that he literally tried to legislate failure in Iraq by not voting to fund the surge when it was up for vote before congress, is completely baseless and poorly played by the aged Senator. Here McCain, like the Bushites have done for years now, is hoping that the people’s emotional reaction to the statements made with as much vigor and vitality as McCain can muster (which isn’t much), will cloud their recollection of the facts. Essentially proving his inability to deal with the reality of the situation, and as a result, manufacture his own. Because if McCain would have remembered, the people (I know, I know, ‘the people’ don’t matter anymore but still) weren’t in support of the surge either. A portion of the public, who had lost their taste for America’s imperialistic actions overseas, and had foolishly hoped that Congress would follow in suite with the people’s will and not vote for funding to continue this unwarranted war.

McCain Mission Accomplished

That’s right, Johnny. Obama was simply trying to represent the people he promised that he would, not just appease the president and his band of profiteering corporate cronies who wanted to be able to keep conducting their illegal, yet profitable, business in the Middle East. Obama stood shoulder to shoulder with the discontent masses and he honored the promise that he made to uphold their voice. He did not undermine the soldiers safety who are being placed dishonorably in harms way to further agendas that have been kept from them, as did all those who voted to provide more funding to this foreign policy nightmare. He only acted in accordance with what we the people thought would insure that our brave soldiers would be swiftly returned home.

Again, it doesn’t seem like attacking someone who did their job the way it was supposed to be done, despite the uproar from the white house would be a smart move. In fact, one could argue that it simply points out the shortcomings of McCain’s position which was by contrast, the stance that he would keep funding this infected effort despite the people’s will, wishes, demands, or whatever. By arguing that Obama was putting his own political self-interests before that of the country’s, you are showing that your own political self-interests involve lining the pockets of despicable war profiteering corporations and not promoting the people’s idea of American mercy and might. You show that greed and corporate interests fair better under your rule, than actually acting with the responsibility and tact that would further act to keep American’s safe. I can’t think that was an intended statement either, but you never know with McCain. Maybe he’s just appealing to his true base, and he’s just hoping that the masses are too distracted with emotional reactions to hear it for what it is.

Ah, but therein lies the true crux of the situation. The distraction. McCain, like his tyrannical antecedent and apparent brain trust buddy Bush, is counting on people to be too afraid to be alert and aware. He’s counting on the Conservative created decline in public education, and our pharmaceutical fueled attention deficit disorder to keep us from being able to put two and two together and see the deep flaws in this lacking logic. This exemplifies McCain’s, and the rest of the Bushite leagues’, disrespect for and low expectations of the masses. Otherwise, they wouldn’t continue to turn substantial and factual public discourse into the lowest common conservative denominator of propaganda pushing, scare tactic, misleading political talking points to pander to their elite bases, and keep the people in a deluded state of reality in unrest. So many inflamed over nonsensical and baseless accusations designed to play on people’s sense of pride in their country and keep them from actually processing the ‘information’.

I’m not saying that Obama’s a flawless candidate, or even that I am supporting him. If you’ve listened to my podcast you know that I’m uneasy about both of the major front runners for the office. But at least Obama seems more like his own candidate, rather than a carbon copy of the colossal failure of a corporate figure head that is President Bush. Which is pretty much what McCain has shaped up to being since he totally turned away from his criticism of the Bush Administration years ago, and slid effortlessly into their blood money lined pockets.

McCain/Bush Hug

So while saying that Obama, ‘tried to legislate failure’ may be a good sound bite, let’s hope McCain’s assessment of the people’s capacity for cognitive thinking is just as lacking as his mental facilities and it comes back to bite him soundly on the ass!