Now Available: 5th Year Angry Hippies’ Podcast Tees

by angryhippie

For anyone who has been able to piece together my less than clever hints, you knew this announcement was coming, but here it is: At long last to commemorate this, the fifth year of the podcast, we have a limited line of Angry Hippies’ Podcast t-shirts now in and available for order!!

That’s right, they’re here! After the last attempt at tees fell through, we were careful to play this one a little closer to the chest. We did not do any pre-orders, we wanted to wait until we physically had the t-shirts in hand and could confirm the quality of them. Something that bit us in the ass in the past (and led to refunds issued for all pre-sales).

But this time we got the shirts, and with no bitten asses, so we are very excited! Unfortunately, taking this route to get the tees also translated into a limited print. So we do not have hundreds of shirts available. We only have a few dozen, in this first run, but we do have plans to reorder if they move well. So don’t worry if you cannot order right away.

For more info on the meaning behind the design head on over to the the merch page.

The Tees

The tees are 100% cotton, sourced to ensure no slave labor or other cruel practices went into to producing these tees.

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As always, we thank you all for the love and support you have shown the podcast over the years.