No rest for the angry – A purpose driven rage Part 2

by angryhippie

Admittedly it’s kind of an odd feeling when you realize that your life’s purpose is to be one of anger. Though it could be that this oddness comes with any realization of purpose and was not specifically tied into the path of rage. I mean it is possible that even if I had realized that my life’s purpose was to be one of petting puppies then I am speculatively certain that an oddness (could be the same one, could be a different one) would also accompany this realization. (I will also interject that if puppy petting is a perfectly acceptable purpose in life, I may have gotten a bit ripped by getting anger, but whatever…) This digression of a realization was not one I came to while I was sitting in the coffee shop that morning listening to the kingdom ministries’ misfits talk of illegally indoctrinating foster children through their immersion mentoring programs and scripture forcing foster parents, but it was one that I felt I would mention just the same. And as it resulted from this overall experience of purpose definition, it became more relevant than I initially had thought it would be.

No, to be honest the only thing that I thought about in the coffee shop was that I needed to focus on these dogma dealing dickwits and their illicit plans to steal all these children’s souls for salvation. You see, unlike the compassionless Christ table, I was actually considering the life that these kids would be subjected to on this plane. The lives of forced servitude at the altar of the Jesus myth and his fucked up flock of brainwashing sociopaths. As I posed at the end of the first post No rest for the angry – A purpose driven rage Part 1, what if these children cannot learn to accept these force fed beliefs? You see, not only do I believe that this kind of indoctrination of children is basically abuse, but I believe that they would suffer even more abuse at the hands of their oppress…um, I mean ‘saviors’ should they resist these teachings. Anyone wanting to argue that this kind of mental manipulation of children is not abusive, see the movie Jesus Camp and then try to tell me differently!

But these pious people were not sharing in my concern for the children’s lives, for they had their greedy sights set on their souls and that always trumps the here and now in ensuring quality of life. Who needs the life to be anything but subservient, when that guarantees such a glorious afterlife. And add a dash or two of suffering, and your payoff is sure to be that much greater beyond the pearly gates. Get locked in a closet until you accept the many miracles of our savior and Lord Jesus by your adopted parents, and you get like the good cable with the premium movie channels in your afterlife townhome. Get regular beatings with old testament tools of the trade because you fail to unflinchingly accept the scripture as the infallible word of God in your foster home, and get the jacuzzi suite upgrade in your afterlife apartment to soak away the anguish that it took to get you here in the first place.

Nearing the end, but it’s still a bit away, so I am dropping it behind the cut…

Maybe I am getting so worked up over this bullshit because, as I sought a purpose to my life, I saw these people using their purpose to steal away an innocence from and disable critical thinking capabilities in unsuspecting children. And I was sickened by them. Perhaps it was because I was being guided towards the purpose of fighting these kinds of people with their manipulative goals, and already I found myself outnumbered and outorganized. Seriously, they had notebooks and clipboards, pages of notes and dozens of writing utensils…meanwhile, I’ve got nothing to write on or with, one dude, and three cups of coffee as I struggle to keep my sleep deprived mind from dropping any of the data I would later need to recall to make this story more than a memory. But I maintained and retained as only the angry hippie could. I couldn’t let down these kids.

To be even more honest, I have to marvel at the irony of the situation, as well. I mean, really, I am not a fan of children. Overall, I tend to view them quite harshly in contrast to the overpopulation problem that the planet is suffering from and though it’s really not their fault in the least, and I realize this fact, I still do not like them any less. But even though I am not a fan, that doesn’t mean I am going to just stand back and watch them be ruthlessly abused by this system of control. Partly because it is the right thing to do, and partly because as I look around at the madness that has gripped the masses in the form of religious ideology, I have to wonder how bad this problem would be if generations of this kind of pre-pubescent propagandizing for Christ hadn’t been societally structured and instituted so many years ago.

I have to wonder if through true education we could combat this wave of indoctrination and effectively deprogram these kids, giving them back their ability to think freely and for themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I dislike having the little fuckers running around, but if they are going to be here, they might as well be open minded, free thinking little fuckers who get to find their paths and make their own decisions when they have the capabilities to do so. Give the little fuckers a chance! – is going to be my new mantra until things like this Kingdom Ministries shit is shut the fuck down for good! Make no mistake about it people, religion is a business! One of the largest businesses in the world, and this organization needs millions to keep the billions funneling through, and they will peddle and spoon feed you whatever shit they need to keep you signing those checks over to their cause. It’s a corporation operating outside the best interest of the public, and ultimately undermining the welfare of the masses. Perhaps it’s time we shut their shit down!

This thoughtful consideration they have given to circumvent the laws in place to protect the children, shows where their true concern lies. They are not doing any of this for the children, despite what these twisted dickwits tell themselves at night. They are doing this to improve their own standing with their dogma daddy upstairs who has kept them cowering to ‘his will’ since they were probably the same age as the kids whose souls they are collecting today. Turn in 100 innocent souls to Jesus and get the deluxe Cuisinart and complete kitchenette combo set in your pearly gated community retreat. Turn in 500 souls to the devourer of children’s essence, and Jesus will throw in the rec-room hobby pack to boot! Remember, Jesus likes them young, the souls just taste better that way! Ha ha, just kidding. It’s not a taste thing…not only a taste thing. (cue the angry mob mail)

But seriously, folks, this is a huge problem, that needs to be confronted head on, and called out for what it truly is. The overstepping of boundaries by the church, while we keep turning away as they continue to prey on and abuse children. I guess since it is the church we just expect and accept that role and behavior from them now. As long as they keep their hands to themselves, and the abuse does not leave marks then it’s all good. We will continue to keep our heads down in the sand and buried until it all miraculously blows up in our faces. Well, fuck you kingdom scumbags, my head is out of the sand and my eyes are open as I keep my ears to the ground grabbing the signal you bastards can’t shut down! You see, you made me realize something that I know you never intended, too. Something, I had somehow forgotten in my mental deconstruction of the past few months…I’m the Angry Hippie, mother fuckers, and it’s game on!

Come on, people, don’t make me go it alone. Give the little fuckers a chance!