No end to the -isms!

by angryhippie

It seems that here in today’s political climate, you can’t escape the ever present rash of bigotry. I knew it would happen. When the race began, and we had prominent, popular candidates who were female and black,I knew that issues would never be the at the forefront of the media’s discussion or tone. I figured the -isms would take over and dominate the discussion (along with the normal amount of political backbiting and mudslinging, of course. Or should I say, I knew that their tone would at least be felt, and low and behold I was right.

Sexism and racism reared their ugly heads and seemed to leap forward to form the basis of the masses opinions of the candidates. With sexism taking more of a precedent, because men don’t want to lose this seat of power after all this time. That, and given the societal conditioning of the general public with regards to gender roles, people don’t think that we are ready for a female President. It’s not her stance on the issues that people focus on as the x-factor of her campaign, it’s the extra x-chromosome that they focus on. “Sorry, Hil, too many x’s, go off and have a good cry why don’t you, for you are never going to be qualified to lead here in the U.S.” they seem to say.

And now ageism has turned up as well. Chuck Norris, Huckabee backer, was just reported as having said that John McCain is too old to be president, because the stress of the job would do be too much for him, and age him quicker than other candidates. Hmmm, Chuck, like who?

Can we not stop this shit already and just look at the fucking qualifications of the people running? Is it too much to ask that we have an all inclusive forum wherein all qualified individuals who wish to run be given the opportunity to do so? Can we not let go of the -isms of fear, yet? I thought it was supposed to be about what is best for the country, and I think that it would be best if we judged these people by what they had to say, not how they looked, their race, their age, or their gender.

Maybe we’ll get there….