Minicast 8 – America: Armed & Dangerous

by angryhippie

Minicast 8 – America: Armed & Dangerous!

In this long awaited return to the show, Rob comes out swinging with a minicast dedicated to America’s addiction to guns, and the dangerous future we are spiraling out of control towards. With talk of gun control and mental illness, the NRA, LaPierre’s excerpts from the National Rifle Association’s book on deflections and distractions for discussions on gun control, contextualizing violent video games and movies for children, Shelly Frey, Wal-Mart security guard shoots suspected shoplifting as she flees the scene, over-arming everyone is not the answer to our problems with guns, putting guns in schools to prevent shootings, Colorado failing on response to shootings on control and mental healthcare fronts, broken systems, media exacerbates Newtown’s grief and troubles with entitled journalistic asshattery, Joe Scarborough changes stance on gun control in wake of Newtown shootings, police state comes early to Paragould Arkansas, heavily armed police patrolling and harassing the public, illusions of safety, the racism behind the 2nd Amendment, racist bias that guides modern gun control policies and more!

America: Armed & Dangerous

Links Promised in the Show

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