Minicast 7 – Occupy the Planet!

by angryhippie

Minicast 7 : Occupy the Planet!

In this somewhat lengthy special podcast presentation, Rob takes a look at various aspects, overtures, and reactions to the Occupy Wall St. Movement that has taken hold in the US and is now spreading abroad. From the humble beginnings, to the somewhat grandiose and growing mission statements coming from the General Assemblies at the front lines, Rob shines his angry hippie light and perspective on this movement with so much potential, throwing in his own two cents where he feels it helpful. Also taking on the opposition and their various views and criticisms of the movement, from anonymous privileged douchebags online to US officials like Rep. King and Herman Cain, Rob examines the need for legitimization of the movement and some of the obstacles currently in their way. And of course, with the flagrant and promising to be unpunished brutal use of force against peaceful protesters exercising their Constitutionally guaranteed First Amendment rights in numerous cities around the US, the angry hippie gets his rant on good and proper. Hope you enjoy this ranty movement exploration!

MiniCast 7 : Occupy the Planet!

Some Links from the Show

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Peter King’s comments on dangers of legitimizing the movement