Minicast 5 – Gulf in Crisis

by angryhippie

MiniCast 5 : Gulf in Crisis!

A mini episode of the podcast focused on the situation in the Gulf of Mexico since the BP Deepwater Horizon spill and the deteriorating health of those involved in the cleanup. Including some of the heartbreaking audio of Jennifer Rexford, who was hired by BP to help with cleanup efforts and is now dying from exposure to the toxic chemicals the company used to sink and break up the oil spill, the show examines reports from her and Al Jazeera sources that reveal the health crisis thousands in the Gulf are now facing as a result of these dispersants. And with reports of a new oil slick being investigated in the Gulf now, the situation for those in the region seems to be on a devastating and deadly course.

MiniCast 5 : Gulf in Crisis

Links Promised in the Podcast

Report from with Jennifer Rexford’s Video – this is a hard video to watch, but it needs to be circulated! PLEASE SHARE!

In depth report from Al Jazeera on the situation in the Gulf of Mexico

Report on the new spill being investigated in the Gulf