Minicast 5.5 – Continuing Gulf Coverage

by angryhippie

Minicast 5.5 : Continuing Gulf Coverage!

A follow up to the last mini episode of the podcast focused on the situation in the Gulf of Mexico since the BP Deepwater Horizon spill, featuring the podcast’s first interview with Jennifer Rexford, whose heartbreaking personal coverage of the situation and the struggle that thousands are facing has helped to open the eyes of the public. With some insight behind the scenes of the cleanup efforts, an alarming picture of corporate arrogance and negligence comes to light that proves how deadly this situation has become. Also with a follow up look at the costs of energy and a plea for a better, united front on this energy equation that will seemingly undo us all if we continue on the path we are currently treading.

MiniCast 5.5 : Continuing Gulf Coverage!

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