Free the West Memphis 3!

by angryhippie

If you aren’t familiar with the West Memphis 3 and this horrible case of prejudicial justice in the south, then please follow the link and check them out. I was living in the area years and years ago when the murders took place and I remember the way the locals reacted to the three teenagers who were arrested and charged. They were labeled satanists, and the masses minds were made up. These three were guilty…

…only thing is, there are many discrepancies in the case that point to the three men being innocent! Yet, over a decade later, they are still in jail facing the death penalty. Prejudice failed these men and the young boys whose murderer(s) still walks free, and justice still eludes them to this day.

I covered this case a few years ago in the early life of my podcast, and it sickens me that I have yet been able to report that they have been freed and justice has finally been served. But that’s the tricky thing about the concept of justice. For even if the real killer was found and justice came for the murders, the three men whose lives have been effectively hijacked by a broken system, there is no justice for them.

What the system has taken from them, it can never give back. But it can start, and we can all help make that happen by going to the link above and helping the campaign to free the West Memphis 3 in whatever way you can. The more people joining this fight, the more pressure the courts will be facing until they grant a retrial for all three convicted men.