Coming Soon? – Angry Hippie Tees!

by angryhippie

So we had been wanting to do something else to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the podcast, not to mention that we have been wanting something to sort of commemorate the show. Then as Persephone was putting on our Vegan Freak t-shirt, it hit us…we hadn’t had lunch today. After lunch, we had the idea of putting together a line of tees inspired by the podcast! (we do always think better on a full stomach.)

So Rob put together a couple of prototypes for some simple minimalist tees that we are going to price for printing, and we thought that perhaps some of our fans might want to get a tee or two too…or also. We figured by taking a simple approach we would be able to keep the costs down, and that would be better all around. Then again, we also had the thought, that we might be the only ones interested in an Angry Hippie tee so we decided that we should put the idea out there and start getting some feedback from the fans themselves.

Below are the previews of the first tees that we have designed, so that anyone interested can get a peek at the upcoming goods we have decided to go with. If you think that you might want to pick one up once we have them printed, then leave us a word in the comments so we can get an idea of about how many we are going to need to order. Thanks for the support everyone!


Peace, Love, & All that Hippie Shit!

Revolution will be Podcast!

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