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DJ Mydnyt’s Fourth Album Released (With Single & B-sides)

As many of you may or may not know, I have an ongoing side project under the moniker DJ Mydnyt. And I am proud to announce the completion and virtual release of the new album, Original DJ. This fourth installment is complete with new tracks never before heard, and handfuls of tracks that have been […]

The WTF Episode of the Podcast!

The What the Fuck Episode of the Podcast! In this special presentation from the Angry Hippies’ Podcast our program announcer takes over the show with a very poignant, if not overly ranty, look at several news stories that have made headlines recently which all have inspired the same Angry Hippie reaction: What The Fuck?!? From […]

The Return of The Angry Hippie Comics!

Well the 2nd Edition of The Angry Hippie’s Comics has finally returned after an overextended hiatus. But Volume 6 is unapologetically here and biting back at the Obama Administration in the way only the Angry Hippie Comics can. This volume takes a look an issue that has been haunting Obama since his inauguration, concerning Gitmo. […]

Some fresh digs for the site!

Angie and I have been wanting to re-do the design for the blog for sometime now, and well, apparently today we came to the now. So here it is, fresh from the design presses, Hippie Soapbox V.3! A little while back, Angie did a digital tracing of a picture of me and I have been […]

The Podcast : Episode 40 a/b

Episode 40 a/b – Current Events, Gender Roles, Congressional Suckage, and an Interview with Jo Pollock. With my new co-host at my side, Persephone and I rail against punishment killing, media sexist shaming, Starbucks sex demands, victim blaming, animal activism, fur, suicide protest, fur is eco-friendly, green label lies, Pope condemns equality, kids equal purpose, […]

The Abortion Gang – Rob Goes Gangsta

That’s right, y’all, I have joined a gang. And as far as gang initiation’s go, I have to say this one was a breeze! Recently a blog began in support of Dr. Tiller, the man and his mission, the one he left behind after being so tragically and untimely taken from this planet because of […]

The Podcast : Episode 39 a/b

Episode 39 a/b – More on Marijuana, Abortion, and Texas Textbook Debacle! With a special guest on this episode, Persephone Pomegranate, I discuss a bit more about marijuana after a couple of responses to the last episode from listeners, and then Persephone and I discuss in detail Abortion, veering into the #LiveTweetingAbortion dialog recently started […]

A month 'off' and more!

So I took a month off to get some work done on various side projects, but never fear I have new episodes in the works, including the episode of Ask Science Dude that went up earlier today. And I will be putting together another ep of the Angry Hippie before the end of next week. […]

The Podcast : Episode 38 a/b

Episode 38 a/b – Current Events, Blackwater Case, Bullshitatarianism Abounds. In this new episode I touch on Tweet with care, US HIV ban ends, dolphin smart, new airline hoopage, condoms cancel rapture reservations, imprecatory prayers, Praying for Obama’s death, Gitmo scare tactics, CIA hired Blackwater for assassinations, Vanity Fair?, sexist journalism, Michael Leiter’s timing faux […]

The Podcast : Episode 37 a/b

Episode 37 a/b – 09 Events, Uganda v Gays, Drug War Update. This first full episode in months touches on Midwest book burning, Jon Stewart, Iran v US Hikers, Henry Louis Gates, Hillary Clinton, Military v Facebook, Alavi Foundation seizures, insurance or jail, Going Rogue with Sarah Palin, Obama’s Patriot Act, Rachel Maddow v Richard […]