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And Justice Wept : Judge denies Troy Davis appeal

I have no words…so I will let the article speak for itself… A federal judge Tuesday denied Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis’ innocence claim after a rare hearing. The ruling against Davis sets the stage for Georgia officials to move forward with executing him for the 1989 shooting death of Mark MacPhail, an off-duty […]

More on the West Memphis 3 case!

This is a follow-up in a conversation I was having on Tumblr about the case with supersoygrrrl where she asked about the man covered in blood who was seen the night of the killings in the area where it all happened. The man was dubbed Mr. Bojangles after the restaurant he was seen in. Here […]

Free the West Memphis 3!

If you aren’t familiar with the West Memphis 3 and this horrible case of prejudicial justice in the south, then please follow the link and check them out. I was living in the area years and years ago when the murders took place and I remember the way the locals reacted to the three teenagers […]

Do You Qualify For Full Freedom?

Conditional freedom is not something that I would have thought I would ever be discussing in the United States, given the Civics classes of my youth instilling in me this idea that we are the country where everyone is free. It’s even like ‘guaranteed’ in the Constitution, or so we are led to believe in […]

When Asshats Attack – More from Man Manly!

And he’s at it again! Another ‘ass’ault on masculinity and the Feminist Movement from the ‘Men’s Rights’ Asshat of the Year, Man Manly. The clueless crusader has another podcast in which he returns to spewing the ridiculous reasonings of his fight to bring down the feminist movement (even though he doesn’t have a grip on […]

When Asshats Attack – The Man’s Man Manly Hour with Man Manly

And just when you thought the ‘fight’ for ‘Men’s Rights’ couldn’t get any more obnoxious, I stumbled across a rare breed of asshat that has just started his own podcast. Man Manly is a self-proclaimed right-wing Men’s Rights advocate that is apparently unhappy about the current state of men in society at the unchallenged hands […]