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I am Woman, Hear me Roar!

I have noticed a disturbing trend of late moving through the ranks of social justice focused discussions centered on Feminism and overall issues of women’s rights. That trend is one of an aggressive silencing taking place when women are not specifically making/allowing trans-women to lead and/or be the focus when these discussions are taking place. […]

Hello, ‘Murica, We See You!

One year ago today, I, Rob Bowen (aka the Angry Hippie), published the farewell episode of the podcast. And in that time, a lot has changed. Political divisiveness has ruled the landscape, and the United States’ skeletons have come out of the proverbial closet in spades, as our true nature as a nation came into […]

The revolution will be televised (by Fox News)

The revolution will be televised Its participants, mischaracterized The narratives injected with lies To keep us misinformed and terrorized They’ve bled the truth from the signal They’re plugging into the mainstream feed Deeming context and causation As intel the public just doesn’t need Because that context makes villains of so many All complicit in our […]

Outlaws and Injustice

Hollywood had a habit of telling us long ago that the good guys always wore white and the bad guys always wore black. It was a code. It helped us to identify the outlaws. Those who wrote their own codes and disrupted the daily lives of us all with their violence and defiant ways. These […]

New DJ Mydnyt/Angry Hippie Crossover – Life Lessons

Recently I listened to the Sunscreen Song again released under Baz Lurhman, which was based on a graduation speech that had been around the internet for a while in the 90’s. It got me thinking, and then well, writing my own bit of advice to the public. And while I always liked the song before, […]

For Troy!

And here I stand, My spirit shaken. As another innocent, Life was taken. The justice system Has failed again. This wasn’t just, It was revenge! Humanity suffered at the hands of hate. Trophy lives offered in the dark of night. A nation blinded at 11:08… More blood spilled to make things right. And here I […]

The Day that the Hope Died! (a re-imagination of Don McLean’s American Pie)

A short, short time ago… I can still remember How that promise had given me hope. I just knew if he’d had the chance He would change this circumstance And, maybe, we’d all find the strength to cope. But soon all your words made me shiver, With every speech that you’d deliver. Bad moves up […]

And so it begins…

I just finished up recording episode 55 of the podcast which will be up shortly, and in it, I mentioned that France had started air attacks against Gaddafi’s forces in Libya. Now I have just learned, that the U.S. and Spain have also begun attacks there as well. Aimed at enforcing the UN’s no-fly zone […]


Breaking with the footage… People screaming, people crying. Tragic scenes of devastation Tragic scenes of people dying. This just in… There’s panic in the streets The reaper’s loosed from his cage. While in our houses we sit watching For all the world’s a stage. The siren’s ringing in our ears The fallout’s waiting to run […]

We Won’t Forget Obama’s Words!!

In the wake of the devastating riots and oppression in Egypt, President Obama made a speech saying that governments around the world have a responsibility to listen to their citizens and to be responsive to the will of the public. He also urged authorities in Egypt to return the internet access back to the people, […]