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Scientists Discover Highly Referenced Island of Non-Veganity

Several of the world’s top scientific journals broke the story late last week, but mainstream vegan media is ignoring the reports of this major geographical discovery. This subtropic island, that until recently was untouched by human beings, was found by accident while a scientific research team from the University of Pramdon Major was on a […]

Now Available: 5th Year Angry Hippies’ Podcast Tees

For anyone who has been able to piece together my less than clever hints, you knew this announcement was coming, but here it is: At long last to commemorate this, the fifth year of the podcast, we have a limited line of Angry Hippies’ Podcast t-shirts now in and available for order!! That’s right, they’re […]

Five Years of Guerilla Podcasting Complete & Commemorated!

As many of you may know, the podcast just celebrated the 5th anniversary of our inaugural episode. It was on November 9th 2007 that the very first episode went live. So many rants and rages later, I stand with fresh ink on my arm to commemorate five amazing years of podcasting and reaching out to […]

Angry Hippie Tees Now Available for Pre-Order

After discussing it on a couple of social media circuits with some listeners from the show, and then after consulting with a local print shop here in Manitou, ANGRY HIPPIE T-SHIRTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER!! Currently we have two designs available, and are only doing a limited run, so the shirts will be $17(USD) […]

Coming Soon? – Angry Hippie Tees!

So we had been wanting to do something else to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the podcast, not to mention that we have been wanting something to sort of commemorate the show. Then as Persephone was putting on our Vegan Freak t-shirt, it hit us…we hadn’t had lunch today. After lunch, we had the idea […]

Want to Make a Donation?

We got an e-mail a while back where a listener suggested that we set up a donation page for the show. After working on the idea and developing it a bit to give a little back we have finally implemented the idea. Now there is a Donation page attached here to the blog where any […]