Can't See The Forest, Fuck The Trees!

by angryhippie

“What we need to focus on is not seperation of church and state. What we need more than anything else is the seperation of private corporations and the government. This unholy union has taken the lives of millions upon millions of people just within the last couple of decades. Time for people to wake up and not be distracted by these types of overplayed non issues like ‘church and state’. That’s not the problem we’re faced with in 2008”

AH – “You’re right. The corporate buyout is something that needs to be stopped. Hence the march we have begun organizing to do so. However, in the meantime, since religion, namely christianity acts to oppress, mislead, and corrupt the masses, then we need the fucking separation. And it’s not overplayed if it’s still acting to legislate with it’s bigoted hypocrisy, so thanks. Some of us still can be active beyond our ADD and do a little something called multitasking.”

“It’s idiotic to clean dirty windows when the house is on fire. Maybe you should go get checked for ADD”

AH – “Ah, but if the windows were clean, folks could probably see in and notice the fire since they haven’t seem to catch on yet from all the smoke.

And that wouldn’t be ADD, it would OCD”


This is a little exchange took place on youtube over a film I put together called, Separation of Church and State : Keep Your God’s Hands Off My Country (bit lengthy I know, but I’m a sucker for a good sub-title). I figured I’d blog about this because there are bound to be other people who agree with fucktard818 (that’s not really the users name, the name has been changed to avoid demeaning them). So I want to point out my point of view, with regards to this kind of logical denial that we need to be fighting multiple fronts at once, and that this kind of multi-layered attack is possible and necessary.

You see, we live in a dynamic society with multiple social hierarchies in place, all acting simultaneously to oppress and undercut different sections of our public. No one structure would act to undo them all, through it’s demise, therefore we as compassionate and activist-minded members of our masses have a responsibility to fight this kind of aggressive domination where ever we come across it. There is no order of importance, each kind of intolerant, discriminatory act of suppression needs to be combated. They all have a body count, and ignoring one until it’s unnecessary death toll is equal to some imagined standard by which we measure the compassion of our response, is ludicrous.

If we deem ourselves fighters for what’s right, how do we justify ignoring any wrongs being done? Especially when we all have access to the simplest and most powerful activists tool, information. Informing people of the truths of the terrible situations all around them, acts to open new eyes and minds to this struggle and bring in new fighters to the ranks. As I responded to fucktard818, some people’s eyes wouldn’t ever be open to one problem area, if they hadn’t first been exposed to something else. If I hadn’t had my eyes open to vegetarianism, I would never have seen the cruelty that further led to my veganism.

If you think this approach is flawed, then I think you are part of the problem! If you think that I am washing windows in a burning house, then I think you can’t see the forest for the trees. I think you are looking for a magical Deathstar solution that will destroy all of our societal ills with one Jedi, weak-spot luck-shot, and in doing so, you are missing the bigger picture. That all of these fronts need fighters or things will get worse, and by the time you are ready to address these problems, they will further be out of control, and more desperate situations than they should ever have been. Or maybe worse, you can see the forest, and the trees, but you just don’t give a fuck about them, because you’re too busy fighting off the aphids among the wild grass on the forest floor thinking you are somehow going to save us all.