Ask Science Dude – Sexism in Science

by angryhippie

Ask Science Dude – Sexism in Science. Once again, Sinead and the Angry Hippie join forces to shed some light on the issue of sexism in the field of Science, and it’s effects on the scientific community. You can listen to the show via the player to your right or click the link to download the episode.

…here are the links:

the awesome female science prof blog I talked about.

the two studies I cited are unfortunately not in public access journals, but the refs are:
Wenneras, C. and Wold, A. (1997) Nepotism and sexism in peer review. Nature 387: 341-343

A book chapter version of this paper is see-able here through Google books:

Steinpreis, R.E. et al. (1999) The impact of gender on the review of the curricula vitae of job applicants and tenure candidates: a national empirical study. Sex Roles 41: 509-527.