Ask Science Dude – Gender Science

by angryhippie

Ask Science Dude – Gender Science. Once again, Sinead and the Angry Hippie join forces to wrap up the two part gender discussion. Here in part two, Sinead explains the ways in which science deals with gender, and how poorly they address it. This completes this leg of the discussion, but if there are more questions that anyone has along these lines, or that this two-part talk has sparked let us know. You can listen to the show via the player to your right or click the link to download the episode.

Links from the Dude, Science Dude.

Here’s the link to TS-Si, the awesome science journalism Sinead mentioned. The downloadable PDF on how to interpret genome association studies is on this page as well.

Julia Serano’s web page where she talks about the problems with the way we look at transsexuality.