And so it begins…

by angryhippie

I just finished up recording episode 55 of the podcast which will be up shortly, and in it, I mentioned that France had started air attacks against Gaddafi’s forces in Libya. Now I have just learned, that the U.S. and Spain have also begun attacks there as well. Aimed at enforcing the UN’s no-fly zone and demands for a cease-fire, the bombings have begun. To all of the Libyan people, please be safe.

I only hope these actions have the desired effect, but often times once intervention begins, handing the reigns back over to those who need to be holding them does not go according to plan. The people of Libya asked for help, not occupation. And I truly hope that these countries who are now intervening do so on the terms of the Libyan rebellion that seeks freedom from Gaddafi’s tyrannical rule.

For more on the breaking story, you can visit Al Jazeera or CNN.