An Angry Hippie’s Vision of America

by angryhippie

I got an e-mail recently from Trav that told me he had shared his vision of America with President-Elect Barack Obama’s website at An interesting outreach tool for sure, and Obama has already found a way to lure people into thinking that they have a direct line to the soon to be president, and that their words are being heard. Maybe I am just overly cynical after two terms of ‘Duh’bya, to actually believe that any of the things said there will go any further than some daily dumped e-mail address without being considered by anyone.

Well, here’s what I wrote to PE Obama, and I figured it was too good to waste without being read, so I copied it here to show anyone who cares, what kind of America the Angry Hippie sees when he closes his eyes.

My vision of America is simple. In theory anyway. I want an America we can be proud of again. Not run by greed and apathy, where citizens are manipulated through fear and propaganda. An America where the people’s interests are put before the interests of the corporations. Where ‘We the People’ still have our place and more importantly our voice in the American political arena.

An America where democracy is still favored, and the Republic for which it stood, is returned to protect the minority from the unconstitutional will of the majority. That’s right, you might remember the Constitution, and if you do, could we have it back please.

End the illegal discriminatory practices our government participates in willfully condemning gay Americans to a second class citizenship, due to the further breaches of Church into our State. But without the balance of systems we once rampantly checked on, that kind of corruption is to be expected.

Hey, while we’re fixing things, how about we bring back the checks and balances, that our government is based on. Let’s remove all the unconstitutional legislation the Bush regime spearheaded. While we’re at it, lets admit to our mistakes in Iraq, and bring our troops home. Also, let’s discontinue the lie/fear based manipulation of the Iran situation to appease our Israeli friends.

How about prosecution of the Bush administration for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and dereliction of duty with regards to the failure to govern according to the will of the people they were charged with representing. Also, let’s be better than our enemies, and stop with the torture, and the semantic discussion of whether or not ‘enhanced interrogation tactics’ actually fall under this heading. We all know they do, and we all know that America once stood for something better than that. We treated our enemies according to the guidelines set forth in the Geneva Convention with hopes that our soldiers would be treated the same way when/if captured. How would we expect them to be treated today?

Let’s refocus on education and healthcare for our citizens so that we can keep our public as educated and healthy as we need to be to be productive and more importantly, competitive. I know a lot of this flies in the face of the corporate interests that fund our political system, but if we look after the people, they will keep the corporations happy.

An America where people can trust that their government is not turning more and more into Big Brother. With illegal wiretapping, media manipulation and coercion, and secret detention centers. Not to mention FEMA concentration camps and CCMRF. Slipping further and further towards the dictatorial tyranny that Orwell fictionalized, once upon a time. Turning him into a unwitting prophet.

In short, I want an America, where our upcoming political change march for 1 Million Mad, wouldn’t be necessary. But maybe I am asking too much. Perhaps we have allowed ourselves to be far too broken, and we are beyond repair at this point. Maybe you could try to prove that last hypothesis wrong!