A month 'off' and more!

by angryhippie

So I took a month off to get some work done on various side projects, but never fear I have new episodes in the works, including the episode of Ask Science Dude that went up earlier today. And I will be putting together another ep of the Angry Hippie before the end of next week.

Among my accomplishments in my time off I finished my third DJ Mydnyt album, and am redesigning the website for launch TBA. In the meantime, I have uploaded the album cover that I made and the tracks to my account at Behance if you want to check out the full album. Here is a look at the front cover:

Also during the month I put together my first ever zine, and will be getting that printed and available as the summer approaches, with future issues to follow soon. Angry Hippie Unplugged is the name of this project and the first issue is called Digger’s Dream. So look for more about that to come soon. Anyway, it was a busy month ‘off’, but I am excited about everything that I was able to get done. Thanks for sticking around, and I will see you on the flipside.