The World Today Pt 2

by angryhippie

Steven Tyler said it best, “There’s something wrong with the world today…”! But I know what it is… Avarice! The sadistic green-eyed monster is ripping its way to and through the heart of America. No one asks anymore, what they can do for their country because they know the answer isn’t going to be nearly as appealing as the flipside of the quote that President Kennedy urged us so strongly to forget about. People are looking for the quick and easy dollar that for years has been promised on cheesy book covers and cheesier infomercials, and unless the action taken will bring them closer to that end, then the action just isn’t cost effective.

We have bred a culture that values wealth and status above all things. Above morals… Above compassion… Above justice… Above truth… Above peace… And above the lives of the innocent. This monstrous model we’ve built, is magnified in the unlawful occupation of Iraq. Where firms like Blackwater have established mercenary forces that operate above the governing law of Iraq and without the restraint of American military or societal laws. Let me repeat that… Due to the provisions that our government wrote just before handing over the control of the government in Iraq, to the Iraqis, this organization cannot be held accountable by the laws put forth by the Iraq government, nor are they bound by US law. They are a lawless bunch of murderous, cash whores who are running through the country committing numerous atrocities in the name of “US corporate employee safety”, all the while, undermining the efforts of our Military forces.

How do they undermine our forces? Good question. By wearing uniforms so similar to our troops, that civilians have had trouble distinguishing them from our soldiers. Iraqi civilians, that is. You can bet the corporate contractors whose companies are paying the extraordinary salaries to these mercenaries can identify them. They are the ones protecting them from the insurgent hordes, trying to kill them for raping and pillaging their country for American Corporate financial gains. That’s the other way, not only the mercenaries, but the US profiteers are continuously undermining our troops. By inciting more rage from the citizens that they are stealing from and murdering. By inciting the same citizens that our soldiers are there to protect. Beautiful system, isn’t it? These American corporations are making billions of dollars at the detriment of innocent civilians and American Military forces. Capitalizing through the most despicable of means imaginable, profiteering.

Placing the value of money, above the value of life. The American people are sinking billions a day worth of tax dollars into a bloodbath where our troops are being offered up as sacrifices to the green-eyed gods of the Capitalistic Free-Market system. And we do nothing. We let this beast feed greedily at the trough, waiting for our bit of scraps to trickle down, so we can get ours. Our shitty little piece of this catastrophic monstrosity of a pie. Because what’s more American than pie?

And so, we tolerate these atrocious behaviors, in anticipation of our portion, just as greedy as those who began the process. Just as responsible for the situation as those who started it all, because we let it continue. Maybe if we heeded a former President’s words, rather than the words our current one, we might be able to make the difference we once knew that we could. We might be able to be the leaders we were promised we would become. And we might just be able to help heal the world our greed is destroying!