The Podcast : Episode 80 – Confronting Rape Culture

Episode 80 – Confronting Rape Culture In this new episode, Rob confronts rape culture head on dissecting the patriarchy’s role in the sexualization of the female body and in creating the male sense of entitlement to women’s bodies that leads to this violently aggressive sexualized act of dominance and power assertion. With a writing from […]

The Podcast : Episode 79 – Privilege Pt 2 – The White Patriarchy

Episode 79 – Privilege Pt. 2 : The White Patriarchy In this all new episode, Rob takes a look at the two most dominant categories in the privileged pyramid of oppressors, white folks and dude folks. With a look at the dominance sought through the perverse rape culture we are faced with, to the examination […]

The Podcast: 7th Annual Vegan Helliday Special

7th Annual Vegan Helliday Special : Winter of Malcontents! Rob is ringing in the helliday season with an all new Helliday Special focusing on expanding people’s understanding of veganism and how it is much more than a diet, which will simultaneously hopefully help us convey to family and friends that gift-giving to vegans means making […]

The Podcast : Episode 78 – The Water

Episode 78 – The Water In this all new episode, Rob discusses socialization and the silence it lures us into that we need to break. With discussions of veganism and the socialization of meat in our culture, to the environmental issues tied to factory farming and our meat heavy diets. Also with talk of our […]

The Podcast : Episode 77 – Privilege Pt. 1 – Deconstructing Disability

Episode 77 – Privilege Pt. 1 – Deconstructing Disability In this all new episode, Rob shares a couple of stirring and enlightening excerpts from two powerful essays discussing the construction of disability in our culture, the history of abuse and mistreatment of people who are not societally enabled, the religious and faux scientific reinforcement of […]

The Introspective Retrospective 2

The Introspective Retrospective 2 An episode that takes a look back over the life of the podcast and its future. As the angry hippie himself has gone through something of a tumultuous and transformative year, the podcast too is undergoing a transformation. Check out this episode for some insights into the next evolution of the […]

Minicast 8 – America: Armed & Dangerous

Minicast 8 – America: Armed & Dangerous! In this long awaited return to the show, Rob comes out swinging with a minicast dedicated to America’s addiction to guns, and the dangerous future we are spiraling out of control towards. With talk of gun control and mental illness, the NRA, LaPierre’s excerpts from the National Rifle […]