Month: May, 2012

The Podcast : Episode 71

Episode 71 – Current Events, Cost of Education! In this all new episode Rob goes over some emails that take the dialog over some topics like veganism, vegan outreach, faith, Christianity, VAWA, House revisions of Violence Against Women Act, no recourse for immigrant victims of violence, discrimination, racism, same-sex marriage, same-sex divorce, issues with non-equal […]

The Podcast : Episode 70

Episode 70 – Current Events, Dept. of Corrections! In this all new episode Rob looks at a few stories sent in from listeners which covers criminalizing feeding the homeless in the US, devaluing lives, Anders Behring Breivik and the Norway terror attacks of July 22, ALEC, corporations buying legislation, dwelling on the past for a […]

The Devil’s Carnival – Punk Rock Film-Making Scores a Big Win!

I have to say that this review I am about to write and share is something a bit different for the blog and from the Angry Hippie. But as I have a total love for all independent art projects, and have been talking of a new model needing to replace the defunct, corporate studio-sucking, mind-numbing, […]