Month: March, 2012

The Podcast: Episode 68

Episode 68 – Current Events, Phony 2012! In this brand new episode of the podcast, Rob goes over some listener feedback which takes the dialog through topics like organized religion, government granted freedom, spirituality, EU economy, distractions, US Gov’t distractions, HR347, suppressing voices of dissent, US Government’s legislative reaction to ‘Arab Spring’, and more before […]

Now Available: 5th Year Angry Hippies’ Podcast Tees

For anyone who has been able to piece together my less than clever hints, you knew this announcement was coming, but here it is: At long last to commemorate this, the fifth year of the podcast, we have a limited line of Angry Hippies’ Podcast t-shirts now in and available for order!! That’s right, they’re […]

The Podcast: Episode 67

Episode 67 – Debating GOP, Current Events, Rampant Racism! In this brand new episode of the podcast, Rob dissects the Arizona GOP Presidential debates, looking at Christian extremism, contraception, immigration, entitlement spending, Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, privilege, Iran, nukes, securing the border, and more before moving on to feedback from listeners. At which point the […]