Month: November, 2011

The Podcast : Occupy the Truth Special MC7 Follow-up Presentation

Podcast Special Follow-up : Occupy the Truth! In this lengthy special podcast follow-up, Rob takes a further look at the growing opposition to this important socio-political movement, the underhanded tactics being used against it, and the implications of how the overall silence from the administration is speaking louder volumes than they think. With lobbying groups, […]

Five Years of Guerilla Podcasting Complete & Commemorated!

As many of you may know, the podcast just celebrated the 5th anniversary of our inaugural episode. It was on November 9th 2007 that the very first episode went live. So many rants and rages later, I stand with fresh ink on my arm to commemorate five amazing years of podcasting and reaching out to […]

The Podcast : Episode 62 – 5th Anniversary Ep

Episode 62 – Current Events, Half Baked Legislation! In this anniversary episode, Rob responds to some listener’s feedback that deals with the UN’s plans to honor Qaddafi for human rights efforts, real reasons behind US intervention in Libya, JP Morgan’s 4.6 Million Dollar donation to NYPD, and vegans working in fields that are less than […]