The Podcast : Occupy the Truth Special MC7 Follow-up Presentation

Podcast Special Follow-up : Occupy the Truth! In this lengthy special podcast follow-up, Rob takes a further look at the growing opposition to this important socio-political movement, the underhanded tactics being used against it, and the implications of how the overall silence from the administration is speaking louder volumes than they think. With lobbying groups, […]

Five Years of Guerilla Podcasting Complete & Commemorated!

As many of you may know, the podcast just celebrated the 5th anniversary of our inaugural episode. It was on November 9th 2007 that the very first episode went live. So many rants and rages later, I stand with fresh ink on my arm to commemorate five amazing years of podcasting and reaching out to […]

The Podcast : Episode 62 – 5th Anniversary Ep

Episode 62 – Current Events, Half Baked Legislation! In this anniversary episode, Rob responds to some listener’s feedback that deals with the UN’s plans to honor Qaddafi for human rights efforts, real reasons behind US intervention in Libya, JP Morgan’s 4.6 Million Dollar donation to NYPD, and vegans working in fields that are less than […]

The Podcast : Episode 61

Episode 61 – Current Events, Death of a Dictator In this new episode, Rob checks in on July’s terrorist attacks in Norway with the awesome assistance of one of our listeners from Oslo giving us a rundown of the the day and aftermath of the attacks. Many thanks, Thor! Rob also briefly touches on the […]

Minicast 7 – Occupy the Planet!

Minicast 7 : Occupy the Planet! In this somewhat lengthy special podcast presentation, Rob takes a look at various aspects, overtures, and reactions to the Occupy Wall St. Movement that has taken hold in the US and is now spreading abroad. From the humble beginnings, to the somewhat grandiose and growing mission statements coming from […]

Minicast 6 – Culture of Death

Minicast 6 : Culture of Death! In this shortened, somber and somewhat subdued special podcast presentation Rob examines the weight, connections, and potential outcomes of the US’s current Culture of Death. From the death penalty to the wars we wage abroad and at home, our cruel indifference is turning more deadly than our collective conscience […]

For Troy!

And here I stand, My spirit shaken. As another innocent, Life was taken. The justice system Has failed again. This wasn’t just, It was revenge! Humanity suffered at the hands of hate. Trophy lives offered in the dark of night. A nation blinded at 11:08… More blood spilled to make things right. And here I […]

The Podcast : Episode 60

Episode 60 – Current Events, Christian Extremism! In this new episode, Rob talks a lot about racism around the world and how prevalent this problem still is, even as many deny its existence today. With other stories brought up in listener letters and comments, Rob discusses the recent hate crime in Mississippi, the government default […]

DJ Mydnyt’s Fourth Album Released (With Single & B-sides)

As many of you may or may not know, I have an ongoing side project under the moniker DJ Mydnyt. And I am proud to announce the completion and virtual release of the new album, Original DJ. This fourth installment is complete with new tracks never before heard, and handfuls of tracks that have been […]

The Podcast : Episode 59

Episode 59 – Current Events, Anonymous vs US Gov’t! In this new, extra long episode Rob dives into the feedback that has been piling up in the show’s absence to talk about trigger warnings, alternate perspectives on 9/11 and Bin Laden murder, American aggression, war on terror, war on drugs, Jesus Camp, brainwashing, religion and […]