Month: July, 2010

The Podcast : Episode 47

Episode 47 – Current Events, Who Needs Consent? In this new more compact episode, Persephone and I discuss a few comments and messages we received after the last show talking about a Judge who stopped Alaskan offshore drilling, opposing oil companies, Christian thoughts on intersexed individuals, Bill HR5741 and forced service by our government before […]

The Podcast : Episode 46

Episode 46 – Current Events, Welfarist Feminism, G20 Riots. In this episode, Persephone and I tackle some e-mails and feedback that we received in our time off that take us over the topics of welfarism, the Breatharian Yogi, more on immigration, and CA’s marijuana tax act before we launch into our list of stories beginning […]

Hiatus Ending…Anger Gets a Reprise!

We know it has been a bit since the last episode of the podcast, hell it’s been a bit since the last episode was promised on Facebook. Totally my bad, by the way. But we wanted to do a quick update to let you know that we haven’t given up the fight and that the […]