The Return of The Angry Hippie Comics!

Well the 2nd Edition of The Angry Hippie’s Comics has finally returned after an overextended hiatus. But Volume 6 is unapologetically here and biting back at the Obama Administration in the way only the Angry Hippie Comics can. This volume takes a look an issue that has been haunting Obama since his inauguration, concerning Gitmo. […]

Some fresh digs for the site!

Angie and I have been wanting to re-do the design for the blog for sometime now, and well, apparently today we came to the now. So here it is, fresh from the design presses, Hippie Soapbox V.3! A little while back, Angie did a digital tracing of a picture of me and I have been […]

The Podcast : Episode 40 a/b

Episode 40 a/b – Current Events, Gender Roles, Congressional Suckage, and an Interview with Jo Pollock. With my new co-host at my side, Persephone and I rail against punishment killing, media sexist shaming, Starbucks sex demands, victim blaming, animal activism, fur, suicide protest, fur is eco-friendly, green label lies, Pope condemns equality, kids equal purpose, […]

The Abortion Gang – Rob Goes Gangsta

That’s right, y’all, I have joined a gang. And as far as gang initiation’s go, I have to say this one was a breeze! Recently a blog began in support of Dr. Tiller, the man and his mission, the one he left behind after being so tragically and untimely taken from this planet because of […]